Application for 10 houses in Twemlow

A new application has been put in for 10 houses on Chelford Road in Twemlow, to replace a house and stables.

Cheshire East planning ref 15/1126C.  Comments by 23rd April 2015 [Ctte 10th June]

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    It will be interesting to see Jodrell Bank’s response to this application as it is much nearer to Jodrell Bank than any of the other proposals to date. I note the planning statement refers to the Twemlow Lane affordable housing development where JBO were not able to demonstrate significant harm to the telescope. However I understand that JBO have undertaken further analysis since the Twemlow Lane development.

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      Nearer by about 300 metres, with no topography/infrastructures in between.

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    Looks like Jodrell Bank don’t have a problem with this development:-

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