Application for 6 additional houses 51/61 Main Rd

A new planning application for 6 homes, in addition to 2 already under construction on the site, hopes to gain approval in the middle of the village despite JBO objecting to 7 dwellings on the site last year.

Planning permission was granted for two dwellings on the site fronting Main Road 15/5517C in February 2016 and construction is now underway.

However a second application 15/3131C for a total of  7 houses on the site was refused due to lack of provision of affordable housing and JBO objected as it would cause unacceptable interference:

“The proposed development is socially unsustainable because it would impair the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope”…. “and would be contrary to Policy PS10 (Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope Consultation Zone) of the Congleton Borough Local Plan First Review 2005 and Policy SE14 (Jodrell Bank) of the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy – Submission Version.”  Cheshire East Council

Despite this a new application has been lodged;  the additional tweak of changing the middle house to two ‘affordables’ bringing the number of houses on the development up to 8 ……

From JBO’s previous comments we understand they are keen to try to limit development around Goostrey as it is the cumulative impact from additional housing that is a key consideration.

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    Shock, horror. Never saw that one coming, whoever granted the permission for 2 in the first place.

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    Although this is a relatively small development, there is a worrying statement in their planning document. However it doesn’t account for the fact that the nearer the developments are to JBO, the greater the impact…:-

    “5.64 Clearly it would be contrary to the emerging Local Plan to place a moratorium on
    development in the Jodrell Bank Consultation Zone in light of the geographical coverage of the zone. As can be seen from the Local Plan Proposals Map it covers not only Goostrey and Holmes Chapel, but the northern edge of Congleton town. Preventing development in the consultation zone would have a significant impact on the distribution of development as both Holmes Chapel and Goostrey are 2 of the 13 Local Service Centres required to deliver 3,500 homes……. Therefore the Council has clearly accepted the need for development in the Jodrell Bank Consultation Zone.”

    Maybe CE should change their mind about Goostrey being a Local Service Centre…….!!

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