This month the author Tracy Chevalier has been nominated.

Remarkable Creatures is the story of Mary Anning, who may be young and uneducated, but she has ‘the eye’.

Scouring the windswept Jurassic coast near Lyme Regis on the English coast, she finds the fossils nobody else can; making discoveries that will shake the scientific world of the early 19th century.

But science is a male-dominated arena, and there are many who disapprove. She finds an unlikely champion in a prickly lady, known as Elizabeth Philpot: unmarried, middle-aged and middle class, and a fellow fossil enthusiast.

If they can weather differences in their age and standing, plus overcome professional envy, will true friendship prove the rarest find of all?

I had a chat with Sue Hennell, who was very fond of this book and said.

“It captured my imagination, and that I loved reading about how life was, back in the 19th century and also how the friendship between Mary and Elizabeth evolved ”


For more information about Tracy Chevalier’s books you can find in the link below:



Charlotte Fellows

Researcher and Writer


Sarah McNaught

Managing Director


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