Christmas Eve was a special surprise for Charlotte Fellows, LoveGoostrey’s Features Writer. Our Charlotte had her beau on one knee under the pine tree, and it was not to plug the lights in. I am delighted to tell our readers of the engagement of Charlotte to Mr. Mathew Dyke. The happy couple are hoping to […]

Its A Wonderful World

Dear readers, On my walk-about this lunchtime, a lady spoke to me. She explained how putting a pot of tea on the dining table, tuning into a radio station, playing the following track, made her feel thankful for life. Google it…if you do not already own it on LP, CD or own it in your […]

Goodbye 2020

Well! As The Ronnies would say after their sketch on TV. “It’s Goodnight from Him and Goodnight from Me”. And so, As The Editors will say this evening, from Andrew, Charlotte and Me. Happy New Year!

COVID vaccination calls

Dear readers of LoveGoostrey. The medical centres in surrounding areas are flooded with phone requests for all kinds of medications. Please, be patient. They are working diligently to aid and prioritise. If you have a medical emergency, please telephone your surgery and ensure, that someone, who is not self-isolating can aid you. The vulnerable will […]

Dane Sound Review

Debra Cummins of local radio station,Danesound, asked LoveGoostrey.com For listeners to tune into their coverage of events in Goostrey that were either cancelled or affected by COVID. The radio station made it possible to cover our news, not in a ‘Live Sense’ but in keeping us all informed. And upbeat. Coverage is sceduled for December […]


Rvrd. Heather Buckley sent Love Goostrey, this wholesome picture of the Nativity scene at St.Luke’s Parish Church. She added. “After a difficult year, prayers and best wishes are sent to all the Goostrey families, and she hopes that 2021 will be positive. God bless Rvrd Heather Buckley

Attention Dog Walkers

Andrew Lintell, politely asks that people walking their dogs on his footpath that is the private road leading to Dromedary Lodge, use the facility provided on Main Road that is at the start of his land, and adjacent to Mount Pleasant Residential Park.   Thank you for understanding.

Proposed 20mph Speed Limit

Andrew Kolker, a Councillor at Cheshire East, is working to gauge public opinion on the proposed  reduction of the 30mph speed limit in Urban and Rural residential areas. Please find details on a post entered on December 15th 2020 on the Love Goostrey facebook page www.facebook.com/love.goostrey there you will see the  questionaire and further information […]

Local History

Memories of Bates Bikes and Baking With courtesy of Bill and Mavis Macdonald,  and yes, I have spelled their name correctly, I spent yesterday morning  avidly reading an auto-biography by Catherine Kennerly, who was born at Mount Pleasant, Goostrey in June 1934 , to Mr John Lynes Bates and Mrs Ruth Bates. Catherine went on […]

Young People

Young People

Hi! To all the children and young people of Goostrey. The LoveGoostrey site management are having an update on the web-page, and will welcome lots of news from Goostrey Junior School and organisations that are within the village, dedicated to young and the young-at-heart. Many historical items are archived, available, yet now we move into […]