Keep fairy lights in their boxes?

There have been a few light-hearted comments in the media about fairy lights slowing down ones wifi connection, and a new Ofcom app that can check for electromagnetic radiation interference – and there is a very interesting piece in The Guardian.

It could be why Jodrell don’t string fairy lights all around the Lovell’s infrastructure each Christmas – and maybe the Ofcom app could be modified for JBO to check if any households are creating stray radio interference…. !

“Are Christmas fairy lights really ruining your Wi-Fi?

Internet in the home lives and dies by the strength of your Wi-Fi, but lots of things cause interference. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

Why do fairy lights cause interference?

It’s all to do with electromagnetic radiation. Everything from light to microwave ovens and deep space radios use electromagnetic waves either to carry information or to impart energy.  Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic waves to send information to and from your broadband router and your mobile device or computer.

But everything that has electricity running through it also generates an electromagnetic field, and this causes interference to the electromagnetic waves attempting to travel through it.  Fairy lights are a mass of wires carrying a current which creates a small electromagnetic field and thus a little interference. ” Read the whole article here:  The Guardian 1st Dec 2015.

And the technical side…OFCOM’s role in protecting the radio band widths used by radio astronomy, highlighting the problems caused by terrestrial interference:



Scouting Award for Outstanding Service

Terence Rathbone received a Chief Scout’s Award for Merit at 1st Goostrey Scouts AGM on 4th September in recognition of his outstanding commitment to the Scouting movement.

Terence is the longest serving member of 1st Goostrey Scouts, having assisted Scouting in Goostrey for more than 20 years.

Terence Rathbone receives Chief Scout's Award from David Giles

Terence Rathbone receives Chief Scout’s Award from David Giles

Smart M6: Cranage resident to Michael Jones

Open letter to Michael Jones from a Cranage resident on M6 Smart motorway in Cranage Parish Chronicle:

Dear Sir

M6 smart motorway

I write to inform you of the number of residents of Cheshire east, in the cranage and Holmes chapel area that are suffering from continuous noise levels above the recommended maximum laid down by several bodies, (WHO, European Union. Defra etc.)Who state anything above 55 decibels is harming to health and can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks along with shortened life expectancy, all of this is clearly shown in various documents from eminent sources. Also there is the serious question about the pollution from the M6 especially the cancer causing particulates and the particulates known as m10.


Oak tree lane cranage is listed on Cheshire easts web site as a AQMA for some of the elements of concern, but no recordings have been taken for m10 particulates, during meetings with the Highways England managers it was stated by them that the pollution aspect was not their problem at it was up to Cheshire east to deal with. This seems at odds with what is stated in Cheshire easts documentation, local air quality monitoring July 2011 which indicates that highways England are responsible, but it also states that Cheshire east should be involved with the implementation of a solution. Solutions are available and have been implemented in Europe at various locations, and the attached is a document regarding the M40 in England which is incorporating the latest solar panel technology.

The fact that the highways are already very far on with the implementation of the M6 scheme and expect to start on site this August/September is of major concern, when they have not held any meetings with Cheshire east to address the noise and pollution matters,

We have brought this all to the attention of councillors Les Gilbert and Andrew Kolker, councillor Gilbert has we understand contacted various department heads at Cheshire east.

The very real concern is that Highways England are paying lip service only to residents concerned,

Their documentation says what they intend will not make any notable increase in noise levels but it ignores the fact that levels are too high now.

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Increased noise & pollution from M6

Cranage PC have reported the proposed increase in traffic on the M6 – and forwarded their concerns to us over the resulting increase in noise and pollution.    Click the following link to read their full report:

Highways England propose to use the hard shoulder to in effect make it 4 lanes in each direction.  Using their own calculations there are 49 million vehicles per year on the existing M6, so the increase could be 33% taking it up to 65 million users per year.

The EU directive states levels above 55 decibels cause annoyance, sleep disturbance and cardiovascular effects.  Cranage residents have been taking readings – registering a constant 65-70 regularly day and night with peaks in excess of 85 decibels.  Apparently the proposed ‘low noise’ road surface has already been applied to this stretch of motorway, due for replacement 2017/18 so won’t make much impact.

Full details of the potential pollution are in the report.

How to help

You should voice your concerns re noise and pollution, asking why they are not implementing EU directives and are not carrying out an Environment Impact Assessment by emailing before 15th July:

Write to your MP,  Fiona Bruce:

Write to the project managers Julian Gill and Kate Beirne voicing your concerns over the constant noise from the M6 which has been recorded at a high of 90 decibels, when the EU states 55 decibels as a safe limit.

Julian Gill MP smp  project support scheme
Highways England
The Cube 199
warfside street
B1 1RN

Kate Beirne
Highways England
The Cube 199
warfside street
B1 1RN

“Make sure your friends and family are aware as most people don’t know as the Highways Agency have been keeping it very low key!

Most importantly get your letters in now as they need to be sent to them by the 15th July 2015

Now is the time to make a difference to all our lives and future generations.”  Cranage PC

Curiously comments should be in by 15th July but the public exhibition is on 22nd July 2015.