Be on your guard!

Sadly there have been two recent cases in and around Goostrey of con-men taking sizeable sums of cash off residents in their own homes – please be on the look out and, importantly, warn relatives and neighbours.
If someone you aren’t expecting arrives at your home you can ask to see their id, call their company (not a number the caller gives you) or simply say ‘no thanks’ and close the door.  They may try to sell something, claim to be from the utility services checking a fault/leak, or offer to do some work – just close the door and refuse entry.

You can set up a password with United Utilities (click here to their website) that callers would use to let you know they are legitimate.  Their phone number to call is  0345 672 3723 to check if it’s a bogus caller – they won’t mind.

But be on your guard!

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