Bill Macdonald is 79

Bill won’t be 79 for much longer. A certain someone told me that on Mid-Summer Day the grand chap will be turning 80.

Bill has lived at Mount Pleasant Residential Park several years and is a very active member of its community. Always out and about helping others with a cheery smile.

He is also a very dedicated aid to St.Luke’s Parish Church in Goostrey centre doing jobs and helping deliver Christiian Aid envelopes. At Christmas Bill was pulled around Mount Pleasant Residential Park with Revd. Heather. They brought seasonal joy and sentimental music along to wish us all a Happy Yuletine.


Bill Macdonald and Rvd. Heather Buckley

Friends of Goostrey Station are often seeing him keeping busy with repairs to the railway station and aiding initiatives for the upkeep of the special drop-off from Manchester to Crewe and back. Bill is pictured here at Goostrey station, caught placing another award on the platform, and still smiling.


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