Blackden manor Open Weekend

Did you know Cheshire’s most beautiful wedding venue was on your doorstep?  Residents living at that end of the village would be hugely affected by noise etc from such a venture.  The Parish Council’s objection certainly makes interesting/disturbing reading: link to GPC objection

We didn’t – mostly because there’s no planning application or approval for an events venue in a previously quiet and dark corner of the village. That doesn’t seem to be holding Blackden Manor back though as an Open Weekend on 5th/6th October is planned in collaboration with BigChief Tipis. Link to Website: The Blackden Estate

Now called “Blackden Estate” nearby residents should be alarmed that events are being planned in tipis “anywhere on the estate”; we can’t imagine that they are easy to soundproof. So lookout if you live near the station, or even over the fields to Twemlow Green and along the A535 ( late night music, fireworks?). The website points to the Grade ll listed manor also being used for events; presumably planning permission /change of use will be required- meanwhile the only planning application in evidence is for a huge glass extension as a family kitchen (or for events in the future?).

I note there are noise complaints (from inside buildings, not tipis) for their sister site The Colony in Wilmslow (Altrincham Rd) on the CEC page for their retrospective planning application ……(link to planning page 19/3302).

I hope the Lovell at JBO isn’t about to be flooded with electromagnetic problems etc. The quantity of wiring, lights, sound systems etc so close to the World Heritage Grade l site could affect their work. It looks like being rather different to decades of quiet family home.

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    I see no point by JBO objecting to interference they made no objection to the application for 9 Park Homes and demolition of the houses. And they will get permanent interference with this.

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    Think everyone on this site should send their objectiions
    and concerns s to CEC!

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    why such negativity about a new venture in the village? – surely this means more people will be attracted to our lovely spot and there will be employment opportunities for those who want them. If the village doesn’t change, improve and move on it will die! I certainly don’t want Goostrey to become a large town, but I do like to see ‘life’ over stagnation. There are bound to be a few teething problems at first, but I’m sure the Blackden Estate will be more than willing to listen to genuine issues and help to make the necessary resolutions. Let’s help each other – not just object when ‘change’ happens.

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      Everyone is welcome to their own opinion but it is understandable that residents nearby will be worried about noise. And why operate without planning permission?

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    Dear Carole, thank you for your balanced and open-minded response. Below is an Open Letter that I sent to LoveGoostrey earlier today, which they have chosen not to post (although they have responded to your post). I hope this clarifies matters. I note your comments about local jobs and wholeheartedly agree.


    We are the owners of Blackden Manor, having bought the estate in 2018. We have not been contacted directly by LoveGoostrey and we would like to comment on what has been posted on the LoveGoostrey website, some of which is correct but much of it is not.

    First and foremost, we bought Blackden as a family home and that will continue to be the case. As many readers will know, the house and the estate were in a very poor state of repair and had been on the market for a number of years. We are fully aware of the huge responsibility when taking on a historic listed building, and the work involved to restore and preserve it, and we are passionate about doing that in an appropriate, sensitive and sustainable way that protects Blackden for many generations to come. This is a responsibility that no-one else was prepared to take on in six years of the estate being on the market, as there had been little investment in almost a century.

    We see ourselves as residents of Goostrey and wish to live harmoniously with our neighbours. We have worked with local farmers to regenerate our agricultural land, we are very happy and supportive of FOGS using our land for the new signage on the Crewe side of the station, and we have engaged with our neighbours on Goostrey Lane who had concerns about our temporary lighting.

    Regarding the events, we have no wish to impact negatively on the village. We want Blackden to be an asset, and a positive contribution to the area. This is our family home so our aim is to keep disturbance to a minimum, for ourselves and others. The fact is that large historic houses are very expensive if maintained properly, and few people can afford the financial burden and upkeep in the modern world. For the estate to be viable, it needs to be long-term economically sustainable rather than a financial millstone.

    For those of you who have read the website properly, you will see that we are offering a very limited number of events. For that, by law, we do not require a permanent events licence. These will not be in the house, which remains a home rather than a business, but in our 30 acres of grounds. We are a mile away from the village, and our land extends far back from Goostrey Lane. We will generate significantly less traffic, attendees and disturbance than a large event such as the Blue Dot festival.

    There is a current planning application for works to the house, which is my new kitchen and not an events venue. The Parish Council has commented that it has no objections to this application. Please look at the Cheshire East planning portal and you will see there is no current planning application for any commercial activities. So unless you have an objection to my kitchen (I hope you don’t as the current cooking facilities are really not good), there is nothing to formally object to by writing to the council or other bodies. The Parish Council’s objection that LoveGoostrey has posted as ‘new’ news in fact refers to an old application, which was withdrawn months ago.

    We are holding an open weekend in October to showcase the estate and generate a very limited number future bookings. All of this is being done within the letter and spirit of the law. Weddings book 1-2 years in advance, so whilst the open weekend may seem premature to some of you, we are doing this to generate sustainable income in 2020 and 2021 to future-proof the estate and invest in it for long term.

    We are very happy to engage directly with concerned parties, and I cannot stress enough that we are responsible, long term owners who wish to live peacefully in a family home. The tone and content of the posting on LoveGoostrey is absolutely not what we wish to see, and we ask that you engage with us directly rather than post inflammatory and incorrect content which will only create and heighten tensions unnecessarily. Our phone number and email address are clearly shown on the website.

    With regards
    Edward and Dagmar Kershaw

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      Thank you for your comments Dagmar, I haven’t opened emails yet so have not read yours. You have an opinion, I’m entitled to mine. I believe the pc is concerned about a wedding venue (advertised across social media) so close to Goostrey residents (around 300 metres away, hardly a mile) as yet without planning, as you point out. Those residents probably also want to live “peacefully” without noise from tipis and such.
      As you say, details can be read on CEC planning pages.

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      Always willing to consider changing “incorrect content”.

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    Bluedot is once a year, and vital to the very asset that stops Goostrey becoming Holmes Chapel.

    You are advertising a Wedding Venue (without any proper permissions as yet) with all year round Tipis in your grounds ‘Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter’. I dare say you will wish to make bookings available every other weekend, if not every weekend?

    Up to 500 guests, 250+ weekend cars? Many weekday delivery vans / lorries?

    Goostrey Lane is unsafe for local residents as it is, a busy road regularly seeing excessive car speeding and HGVs. Your entrance next to railway station is in already well know dangerous blind spot location for pedestrians (hence proposed railway bridge traffic lights); it is completely inappropriate as business / functions entrance.

    Your ‘Temporary Flood Lights’ are unfortunately still causing regular light pollution & disruption to local nocturnal wildlife and dark skies in rural fields to the South of you beneath JBO.

    JBO and local residents have every right to support, make comment, or object based on your desired plans for ‘Blackden Estate’ which would directly affect them, so if you are truely respectful to your neighbours, and confident of your ability to operate this venture without disrupting the lives of local residents, do the right thing and apply for the proper permissions for your desired change of use for Blackden Manor from a historic Residential Dwelling House to include Business Use.

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      Dear David

      Thank you for highlighting concerns about regular events at Blackden Manor, it is a very pertinent point. If you look at the Blackden Estate website you will see that it states clearly “Blackden Estate plays host to just a handful of events annually”. So not the weekly / fortnightly frequency that you assume.

      Please be assured that we are fully aware of the permissions, licences and regulations regarding events, and we will be operating fully within them.

      I’m sorry that you appear to be bothered by our outside lighting. I hadn’t appreciated that it stretches 1.7 miles to the other end of the village. I have not been made aware of any concerns in recent months by our direct neighbours.

      Please contact me directly as I have offered above. We would much prefer to engage in a face to face conversation about your concerns.

      Kind regards

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        I have already contacted you directly Dagmar as you know, and unfortunately your night-time Security Floodlight pollution over rural fields it is still a problem, to nocturnal rural wildlife, and dark skies beneath JBO (we are far less than 1.7 miles away from you btw). It is all well and good to say to Goostrey residents that you are on the edge of Goostrey village, but you are next door to Goostrey Residents on Station Rd, and very close to Twemlow residents on Goostrey Lane. This current level of interaction with local residents, critically after advertising your new venture to the General Public, doesn’t bode well to be frank. The respectful thing to do with your new neighbours would have been to have consulted with local residents first. Local residents have every right to be concerned, as your Wedding Venue plans may well involve late night light pollution, fireworks, music, and all the potential increased car and van / small lorry traffic in the week and at weekends, which I, like most residents on Goostrey Lane, am most concerned about. Local residents have every right to also be concerned given that your previous similar Wedding & Events venue in Wilmslow ‘The Colony’ is currently subject to retrospective planning with Cheshire East (again not the correct approach), and has local residents around it complaining about the late night noise pollution. Please do the right thing and apply for all the proper conditions with Cheshire East Council for such a venture; if you do so, and if your plans are modest in nature, and people see the rationalised approach of your plans, then you will then have JBO, and the village on your side. I will attempt to attend your Open Evening, and maybe you can allay my concerns in person.

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