Well done to the Cubs and Brownies!

What a shame Goostrey’s young (and older volunteers) had to battle the elements this afternoon on the Bongs; and well done, another planting towards the climate fightback campaign: “A wet one but a good one! Watering cans were not required when the Cubs and Brownies got to work this afternoon at Shearbrook Bongs! They planted […]

New application for replacement home at Fairfields

A new application for a replacement dwelling at Fairfields on Blackden Lane is now on the CEC webpage  (Link to 19/4326C). Last day for submitting comments 23rd October. What was the old vicarage has been standing empty for a while now and the new plans show a larger footprint at the site. 19/1592C/  19/0127C were approved May […]

Moving on, with happy memories

A little personal news for a change.  Martin and I have recently made a big decision to move from Goostrey in early October after 16 happy years here.  I shall therefore be relinquishing “LoveGoostrey” but am sure it will continue to grow as a handy community resource and source of village news.  (Happily another resident […]

A dreamy Sunday afternoon – what local mysteries inspired local author Alan Garner?

Looking for ways to while away the first Sunday afternoon in October? How about a dreamy afternoon listening to a mix of poetry, storytelling and music about the memories of our renowned local author Alan Garner? This is a unique opportunity to hear some of Alan’s memoirs of growing up in Cheshire brought to life. Celebrated […]

Goostrey’s young people are amazing….

….and so are all the volunteers!…. If you go down to the woods on Sunday you might see our fabulous Cubs and Brownies planting more native trees and bulbs on the ‘Shearbrook Bongs’ adjacent to Swanwick Hall. “A thousand ‘thank yous’ to The Gilcrest-Dicks at Swanwick Hall and Aiden Heritt their estate manager for making […]

New management at The Red Lion

You may have seen on Facebook that The Red Lion is going to be run under new management, lead by Craig. Here Michaela Garnett explains – we wish them well……. ” I feel as if I should clear some things up! You’ve noticed we’ve changed our profile picture without much warning. To us, this wasn’t […]

Lovell close to finishing

The Lovell is always a stunning sight from around the village but it has looked like it’s landed from another universe while contractors work at nights to replace the original panels. “The contractors are getting very close to the top of the Telescope now – the white ring near the top edge shows where panels […]

Off the beaten track – at St Luke’s 24th Sept

Jacki Hill-Murphy, FRGS, is to give a talk on 24th September. Jacki is a writer and speaker who has travelled to some of the most inhospitable places on earth to re-create the journeys of daring female adventurers from the past. 7:30-9.00pm (doors open at 7). £5 a head. St. Luke’s Church, Goostrey. Tues 24thSept. Royal Geographic […]