Building in countryside easier than ever

Region under threat as building in countryside easier than ever
An article in the Western Morning News echoes our woes.

“Nice homes in nice places with lovely views might make developers a fortune – but are they doing anything for the …. general economy”

It’s not just here in Cheshire East, it’s happening everywhere; overwhelming doctors, schools and roads with little prospect of finding local jobs without a long commute.  To be sustainable and provide affordable homes, development needs to occur where there are job opportunities – which can be reached by affordable and regular public transport (that actually runs during commuting hours!).  Many low paid workers can’t afford train fares into Manchester as the jobs do not pay enough to make the journey worthwhile.

In a rural community such as Goostrey, housing is mostly required to support our local agricultural workers, local businesses, local families including those wishing to downsize and remain in the village during their retirement.

‘….Councils were given 18 months to get their Local Plans in place before the presumption in favour of sustainable development kicked in – but at present only half have one.  Many are on their way to completion, but if a council does not have an up-to-date Local Plan – or has failed to identify a five-year land-supply for housing – it has become easier for developers to win their bids to build, often at appeal stage.’Read the whole article: Western Morning News 31 July 2014




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    It is good to see other areas speaking out against the current bias towards developers and the loss of our valuable countryside.

    As regards the Government’s policy on affordable housing this has been proved to be flawed in areas such as Goostrey. Yes, we all want to see youngsters have the opportunity to own their own property but how achievable is this given the current lifestyle choices and the economy?

    Just having your name on the deeds whether via mortgage or another scheme is only part of the jigsaw. As current home owners already know the day to day costs of property ownership – furnishing, council tax, gas, electricity, food and other running costs, needs a good income even for the smallest property. Wages are not rising in line with prices so the prospect of youngsters being able to afford to buy are greatly reduced.

    Affordable housing should only be built near centres of employment. It makes no sense to build affordable houses in areas such as Goostrey where job opportunities are very few and results in wasted expenditure on fuel as public transport does not meet current needs.

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