Bulbs Galore

Back in Autumn 2020, a small packet of bulbs arrived, at my home within a delivery time, that I was most thankful for, during Lockdown.

I planted the tiny dried items, into a nutrient-rich-compost-filled trough. There they slept, often under a duvet of crystalised water.

They, then sank into the safe-keeping of Mother Earth’s arms, she nurtured them, and decided what she would grow, and advised where humans should go to plant, sow and dig. For generations past and present, we all planted bulbs in Goostrey and district, for decades for all to enjoy in Spring.

So, my tiny pack of bulbs will multiply.

Take a look at the roadsides, banks, other peoples gardens and feel the endorphins bubble. Mother Nature, and her flowers are in our spirit and into the future.

Thank you all for sharing Mother Nature’s bounty, and please keep sending us news, photos and keep reading the site.

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