Can you help deliver Questionnaires?

The Neighbourhood Plan team wish to deliver[and later collect] their Main Questionnaires starting next weekend 31st October and are looking for people who can help with this task.  Can you help?

From the NP team:

“Each house in Goostrey needs to receive an envelope which will contain a questionnaire pack.

As far as practically possible will assign houses close to where each of the volunteers live. We will start by dividing the village up so that each volunteer has between 20 and 30 houses to cover however we appreciate that different people have different amounts of time that they can offer. So if you are able to volunteer but would like either a smaller or larger group of houses please do say.

In other neighbourhoods it has been shown that if someone calls to collect the completed questionnaires rather than just asking for them to be returned to central collection points there is a much higher rate of return. So in Goostrey we are asking the people who deliver the questionnaires to call, soon after the 16th November, and collect them. If the person is not in the first time you will have a flyer to put through their door telling them what to do with their completed questionnaires. We would really like it if you also called a second time in the hope that they might be in then. We do not ask you to keep calling until you get an answer!

The Main Questionnaire will determine what policies are written into the Plan, and will form a key part of the evidence justifying our Plan, so we really want to do our best to make this stage successful.

If you can help with this task please can you let us know in the next few days via”

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