The ritual of removing old rushes from the soil on the ground of an ancient church was something cathartic to local people. This performance dates back several hundreds of years, before the installation of pews in church halls in Victorian¬† times. The field workers many years previously would sythe by hand the rushes at the […]


Dear ladies and gents, 97 of you responded to the posts that we added to the website about a new idea of lovely lunch and stimulating literature.¬† I hoped the two-hour-long session would be held at Goostrey Home and Leisure’s cafe. That is great news to hear from 97 interested people.Thank you! To the Goostrey […]

Lunch And Literature

William and Dorothy Wordsworth put together some inspiring literature.¬† Pictured here William Wordsworth, a scholar at Hawkshead school in The Lake District. I believe it to be his sister, Dorothy, who inspired the writing of ‘ I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’, a famous piece of script. However, ladies a couple of centuries afore and […]


  I gleaned beautiful insight into creating ideas for my cards. The most beautiful was a red poppy and I painted her in a yellow skirt, wearing wellies in a rainy puddle. Gardens are full of beauty and top-up our Mindfulness. Painting, drawing, writing and creating harmony. Has anyone a photo of a Clematis that […]

LUNCH AND LITERATURE will be proposing a new society for August in the form of a blend of an informal lunch or scones, cream with jam and a book club. Lunch or snack payable to the venue upon attendance. Pictured Sarah McNaught’s Fandanzel the 1st. Her sequel Fandanzel-Quest for the Mystical Meadow is shown after Fandanzel-Haunting Tale […]