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Sarah and Charlotte took some time out in August; your  has recharged their batteries. We love our readers attention, and appreciate all the time spent reading our posts, journeys and quirky, classy advertorial. As I write, the geese are honking to their nests upon the mere.  Charlotte is on the beach in Cornwall and […]


This is the winning photo taken by Erica Bates. It is of Goostrey lake or Allostock  last winter. All that matters, is the capture of a local scene.  LoveGoostrey  is afteral LoveGoostreyand District Congratulations Erica! From  


The ritual of removing old rushes from the soil on the ground of an ancient church was something cathartic to local people. This performance dates back several hundreds of years, before the installation of pews in church halls in Victorian  times. The field workers many years previously would sythe by hand the rushes at the […]


Dear ladies and gents, 97 of you responded to the posts that we added to the website about a new idea of lovely lunch and stimulating literature.  I hoped the two-hour-long session would be held at Goostrey Home and Leisure’s cafe. That is great news to hear from 97 interested people.Thank you! To the Goostrey […]

Time still to prepare and sow

As the sunflowers show faces in our gardens with a smile and wave, I  felt a change of season coming and the breeze, wandered over for a catch-up this afternoon. I had missed the visit lengthily and hope he remains to refresh us all, our gardens and pets. It must be very gruelling for livestock […]

Fine Beans

Dear readers, I  am ashamed to say that I opened a pack of Fine Beans today. There are more carbon footprints on that pack from Kenya, than Sir Somebody uh! Hum! Avoiding the Viruses by popping off in a custom-made flying machine. Can we grow fine beans, runner beans, broad beans here in Goostrey? Yes […]

Cheshire Potatoes. Grown In Goostrey.

Goostrey fields are spudd-tastic. En-route to Mill Lane today, I saw a blue tractor coupled with dignity to another piece of farm machinery and they bowed. The curtain of mist lifted over the boughs of Goostrey Bongs. Then, the sparrows settled down in nests, above those entrenched acres. The Play warmed up with instrumental starting […]


Cate Clayton was eventually crowned Goostrey Rose Queen in a unique covid-secure ceremony on Saturday (26 June). 14-year-old Cate, who was chosen to be the village Rose Queen in March 2020 but could not be crowned last year because of the pandemic, received the crown from Rose Festival President Julia Sewell. Cate was accompanied by […]

In Practice

Plenty of toot and trundling has been seen and heard along our leafy lanes this Summer. I have just heard a hoot and am looking forward to hearing more this afternoon as the traction engine rolls along main road, for the Goostrey Rose Queen Ceremony. So where did Rose Day stem from? Where has May […]