The ritual of removing old rushes from the soil on the ground of an ancient church was something cathartic to local people. This performance dates back several hundreds of years, before the installation of pews in church halls in Victorian  times. The field workers many years previously would sythe by hand the rushes at the […]

Time still to prepare and sow

As the sunflowers show faces in our gardens with a smile and wave, I  felt a change of season coming and the breeze, wandered over for a catch-up this afternoon. I had missed the visit lengthily and hope he remains to refresh us all, our gardens and pets. It must be very gruelling for livestock […]

Fine Beans

Dear readers, I  am ashamed to say that I opened a pack of Fine Beans today. There are more carbon footprints on that pack from Kenya, than Sir Somebody uh! Hum! Avoiding the Viruses by popping off in a custom-made flying machine. Can we grow fine beans, runner beans, broad beans here in Goostrey? Yes […]

Summertime Nature

The frogspawn hatched in Spring and afterwards, baby frogs gathered under my strawberry plants and ventured forth for a humid sunbathe last month, they were curious of their new life and glittering eyes could be spotted at twilight, not only in Goostrey but throughout our county. A chorus a tennors, one croak, two croaks and […]


The Rose Day 2021 was an imense emergence back to the love of Goostrey. We Love Goostrey! Pictured here, is a design that emiated the  feelings the young people of the village pored into ensuring that every home had a Post-Card to not only advertise the event, yet, ensure the isolated and vulnerable, were thought […]


  I gleaned beautiful insight into creating ideas for my cards. The most beautiful was a red poppy and I painted her in a yellow skirt, wearing wellies in a rainy puddle. Gardens are full of beauty and top-up our Mindfulness. Painting, drawing, writing and creating harmony. Has anyone a photo of a Clematis that […]

Are There Any Bears There?

Dear readers, please can you help? At LoveGoostrey it is Childrens Month. July is about hearing about your story, your hopes and your aspirations. I have a deaf Teddy Bear who talks sign language, a Giraffe with disabled legs, named Jolly Tall, that is entering The Toy Paralympic  Games and then, there’s my blind bear […]

Goostrey Nature

Bees, Butterflies and Bugs. Dear young people of the village please email Your poems, photos and letters about why the village is so special. Check with a parent or guardian before sending. Sarah Sarah McNaught Managing Director

In Practice

Plenty of toot and trundling has been seen and heard along our leafy lanes this Summer. I have just heard a hoot and am looking forward to hearing more this afternoon as the traction engine rolls along main road, for the Goostrey Rose Queen Ceremony. So where did Rose Day stem from? Where has May […]

Sustainable and Ethical Wellbeing

In the following weeks, LoveGoostrey will be delivering nutritional advice from our qualified therapist, for the maintenance of our body’s requirements, for adults and children. Also, we shall focus upon remedies, skincare, emotional health and lifestyle choices. I look forward to developing the new aspect to Kind safeguard wishes to you all Sarah McNaught […]