A New Era For Love Goostrey

As you will have gathered from our last post, today marks something of a new era for Love Goostrey, as it’s the first run by the new editor, Andrew Shanahan (that’s me, don’t worry I’m not going to write this all in the third person).

Before I bore you about me, I would like to put on record just how incredible and valuable a job Janet has done for a place we all love. Starting in 2013, she has documented and campaigned for our village with incredible regularity and energy. As I commented on a recent post when she announced her departure, I think she has done an incredible civic service for Goostrey. She has supported the efforts of local organisations, while providing a fun and informative journal of what’s going on. I sincerely hope that our local organisations do their bit to recognise her efforts, which are all the more impressive because she’s never once asked for recognition.

I got in touch with Janet several months ago to ask if she ever needed volunteers to help with the site, because as I’m sure as many of you have previously thought, it is a very useful resource and I wanted to help however I could. Janet politely refused saying she was happy to carry on with her “hobby” on her own, which I really respected because it shows how passionate she was about representing Goostrey in her way. Fast forward a few months and as she realised that she was going to be moving from the area, she asked if I was still interested in taking over, so here we are!

I’ve spent most of my career as a freelance journalist writing for The Guardian, The Telegraph and a number of magazines, many of which are too terrible or boring to mention. I’ve also unintentionally started a number of businesses in the past and I have recently stepped away from these to return to writing full-time. My family and I have lived in Goostrey since 2006, so we’re newcomers, but in that time we have been involved with St Luke’s, the local footpath group, Rose Day and we’re keen supporters of the schools.

I’m very keen to try and ensure that Love Goostrey represents and protects our local village, but that it also gives a platform for the people of the area. On a wider point I’m also a believer that we need to find a better way to do local news, which is sustainable and that helps to strengthen our local communities. You’ll be glad to hear that I’m very keen to follow Janet’s lead and ensure that Love Goostrey isn’t about its editor, and hopefully this is the last time for a while that you’ll hear about me. Love Goostrey at its heart should always be about our village and about its residents.

I look forward to carrying on Janet’s excellent work and to bringing you more years of Love Goostrey supporting the village.

Interference at the Grange

There’s just about a week left to comment on the proposal for 8 houses on the site of The Grange Livery’s stables and menage off Station Road.  Click the link to CEC planning portal: 18/4079C.   The last date for submitting comments is Weds 12th Sept.  

Most pertinently, if CEC approve the application it would open up other areas of Open Countryside around the village to developers, but the protection of Jodrell Bank has “global significance” and should therefore be the main consideration for Cheshire East.

If JBO object, which is most likely given the sites proximity to JBO, the proposal will be in breach of several policies: CEC’s SE14 and Goostrey’s SC2 [re JBO] as well as being in Open Countryside VDLC2, and not inside or immediately next to the village boundary HOU1.

Six homes were refused recently at 51 Main Rd, where the effect of the proposed development on the operation of the Jodrell Bank Observatory was one of the main issues;  Six houses on the Livery site would cause more impairment as it is nearer to JBO – so these 8 proposed homes would therefore cause even greater interference.

The report on potential interference is lacking detail in what ‘power-tools’ were in use on the day of testing in June, or indeed how many.  The electromagnetic Field Measurement Report does mention grass-cutting – but, as you can see from the pictures below, there would be more grass (8 lawns) to cut and strim etc if 8 houses were to replace a menage, hard-standing and stables.  They could produce more interference/impairment than if 10 or 30 horses were at livery, contrary to the findings of the report…as would all the modern paraphernalia for 8 families, with all sorts of household electronic devices operating on a daily basis from computers and satellite tv to lighting and house alarms.

It would be a sad loss to lose such a resource on the outskirts of the village as livery places are, I’m told, in short supply in the area. Could there also be a loss of jobs for those that help with the livery when required and teach on the menage. Click the link to comment on CEC planning portal: 18/4079C.   The last date for submitting comments is Weds 12th Sept.  

Back in 2015 the then science minister, Greg Clark, said: “Cheshire East council must ensure that, in line with protections set out in the national planning policy framework, any new housing developments do not adversely impact on the important scientific mission of Jodrell Bank.”

You can inform GPC of your views

Re Planning Committee 11th Nov:

Due to the Planning Meeting being only half an hour there isn’t a designated public open forum.  However, allowing the public to speak at the meeting is at the discretion of the Chairman of the Planning Committee so it is possible there will be some time allowed.

Residents can also speak at the open forum at the beginning of the Parish Council meeting.  Anyone wishing to send a letter or email to the Parish Council regarding the Gladman proposal should make sure they get their correspondence in by 12 noon on 11th November so that it can be added to the correspondence list for the Planning and PC meetings in the evening.

The Parish Council hopes that this will allow residents a range of opportunities to put forward their views on the subject.

email:  parishcouncil@goostrey.fslife.co.uk

or mail to GPC, The Village Hall, Main Road, Goostrey CW4 8PE


Have your say, time is running out

Three days ago only 502 people throughout Cheshire East had responded to the Local Plan 2nd consultation – out of the first 1,152 comments 856 were via the website, 213 by email and 83 by letter.

So please take time to object to Goostrey being classified a Local Service Centre [which could bring too much development].

Residents have just 2 days left to have their say online or by email on the Local Plan [too late by post], the consultation ends on Monday.

This is the final public consultation before Cheshire East will publish the Core Strategy, then submit it to the Secretary of State for inspection by the Planning Inspectorate.

email address: localplan@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Dont miss the post. Send comments by email.

Worried you might miss the post to comment on the Local Plan and object to Goostrey being a Local Service Centre ?

Then send comments by email to


but make sure you include your name and address.  Here is a link to a letter you could copy and paste into an email as a guide but you could also edit it or add your own comments:

Local Plan comment email



Hermitage Lane

Update on possible new development afoot in Goostrey;

also highlights the need to send your comments on the Local Plan in to Cheshire East’s Spatial Planning Team telling them that Goostrey should not be classified as a Local Service Centre open to greater development.

“So we have another proposed development in Goostrey.  This time its East of Hermitage Lane. 26/28 homes.  The architects are Jay Ashall who have feedback forms available which need to be in before they submit the planning application on Monday 16th December 2013.”

“It is the field that extends from behind Netherlea and to the rear of properties on Hermitage Lane.  Allowing this development would obviously provide the access required to the “turf” fields and potential further development in the future.”

……………..comments  received from Goostrey residents.

Make sure the council hear

If you haven’t got your LoveGoostrey letter delivered yet don’t worry it should get to you by early in the week.

Fill it in and post it to let the Council know that you do not think it makes sense if Goostrey is classified as a Local Service Centre.  Holmes Chapel has all the services, health centre, supermarket etc.   No large developments here please!
Many thanks to those who have delivered the LoveGoostrey letter round the village over the weekend – and thanks to the parish council for their support.