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Re Comments to Cheshire East on Local Plan [2nd Consultation]

LoveGoostrey [in conjunction with Goostrey Parish Council] will be delivering to residents an ‘Objection/Comment Letter’ over the next few days.  Please use it, adding your own comment,  and simply post to the Spatial Planning Team at Cheshire East  if you prefer it to commenting on-line.

If there is more than one in your household and you wish to send in more than one copy you can download and print extra copies here:

2nd Consultation Comment Letter

To arrive by 16th December:

Spatial Planning Team, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, CW11 1HZ

Goostrey needs you


New Consultation on Core Strategy

New consultation on Core Strategy for Local Plan

Cheshire East are re-consulting on a new draft Core Strategy and responses have to be submitted by 16th December 2013.  We have once again produced a guide to assist you.

Despite nearly 600 objections from Goostrey and despite the clear reasoned argument that Goostrey was incorrectly and unfairly assessed as a Local Service Centre, Goostrey is still identified as a Local Service Centre in the current Core Strategy.  Neither ourselves or Goostrey Parish Council have had any explanation from Cheshire East to explain why Cheshire East don’t agree with our comments and why they are ignoring Goostrey residents concerns.  This is clearly not in the spirit of the consultation or ‘localism’.

The current draft Core Strategy  has been substantially re-written following the previous consultation process early this year and has many good and improved points within it which should be commended.  It is important that we have a Local Plan in place that is defensible to restrict unwanted and unsustainable development within Cheshire East.
We have produced a guide to the consultation to assist you with your response, please see the ‘2nd Consultation’ page and ‘Suggested Responses Guide’ page.

New comments to Local Plan by 16 Dec

The next stage of the Local Plan is currently open for Consultation with comments required by the 16th December 2013.

Read the details here.

As in the previous consultation earlier this year, we will be posting a guide to the plan with suggested comments for you to consider.

Unfortunately, despite an overwhelming 500+ objections to Goostrey being classed as a Local Service Centre alongside our small towns such as Holmes Chapel and Alderley Edge, the new consultation has not changed our classification.  Instead, to counter our request to be classed as a ‘Sustainable village’, they have removed the ‘Sustainable village’ classification altogether from the plan.
Cheshire East are still including Twemlow, Swettenham, and Cranage as part of Goostrey to justify us being a Local Service Centre and continue not to appreciate how these villages function.  We consider that Goostrey and these surrounding villages regard Holmes Chapel as our Local Service Centre.
This once again exposes Goostrey to a potential  level of development not seen for a generation.  We are not opposed to development of the village, indeed the assurance given by Michael Jones at the last AGM that we would be treated as a ‘Sustainable village’ and would receive between 30-50 houses over the next 18 years sounded sensible and reasonable.  However, it now looks like he may have gone back on that promise.
However, there are other positive aspects of the plan, such as the main development focussed on our main towns with a ‘jobs led’ recovery and increased protection for the Jodrell Bank Observatory.  We will also highlight these benefits in our proposed response for your consideration to support.
We will work closely with the Parish Council and publicise the main issues for the village as a whole to consider and would encourage you to tell your friends and neighbours about the new consultation and encourage them to take part.
This is our last chance.  We won’t have another opportunity for 20 years to influence how Goostrey and Cheshire East as a whole will be developed.

Over 10,000 comments on Local Plan

Press Release from Cheshire East 1st March:

Local Plan consultation has now ended – thank you for your comments.

The latest stage of theLocal Plan consultation has now come to an end and it is estimated that over 10,000 comments have been submitted to Cheshire East Council for consideration.

Once comments have been analysed and recorded they will feature on the CEC website at:, however, this process is anticipated to take a number of weeks due to the volume of responses received.

(read the whole article here )

What next?

The current consultation is now over.  LoveGoostrey would like to thank all who took the time to comment.  We have put a list of comments that were posted online below, which shows there was a unanimous rejection of being classed as a ‘Local Service Centre’.  We have had more comments about Goostrey than some of the other ‘Strategic sites’ in Cheshire East, which just goes to show the depth of feeling in the village.

What next? follow the link below…..

( Read the Goostrey comments submitted on line )

Model letter delivered to your door

LoveGoostrey is pleased that Goostrey Parish Council is fighting the Local Service Centre classification – and distributing a model letter this weekend which you may choose to send in to Cheshire East to comment on the Local Plan.  Or you can register and comment on line.

Add your own comments to it and send it in by 26th Feb (Tuesday).  Time is running out.