I gleaned beautiful insight into creating ideas for my cards. The most beautiful was a red poppy and I painted her in a yellow skirt, wearing wellies in a rainy puddle. Gardens are full of beauty and top-up our Mindfulness. Painting, drawing, writing and creating harmony. Has anyone a photo of a Clematis that […]

Are There Any Bears There?

Dear readers, please can you help? At LoveGoostrey it is Childrens Month. July is about hearing about your story, your hopes and your aspirations. I have a deaf Teddy Bear who talks sign language, a Giraffe with disabled legs, named Jolly Tall, that is entering The Toy Paralympic¬† Games and then, there’s my blind bear […]

Young People

Young People

Hi! To all the children and young people of Goostrey. The LoveGoostrey site management are having an update on the web-page, and will welcome lots of news from Goostrey Junior School and organisations that are within the village, dedicated to young and the young-at-heart. Many historical items are archived, available, yet now we move into […]