Wild Walking

As the vertical path crumbled under the sole of my water-filled cavern of a walking boot, due to falling into the local brook, and despite lingering exhaustion due to late July heat, there were elberberries and a few blackberries erupting as I descended the route back via  The Bongs of Goostrey. One wet boot, one […]

Time still to prepare and sow

As the sunflowers show faces in our gardens with a smile and wave, I  felt a change of season coming and the breeze, wandered over for a catch-up this afternoon. I had missed the visit lengthily and hope he remains to refresh us all, our gardens and pets. It must be very gruelling for livestock […]


Goostrey Footpaths Group We are an informal group of volunteers who work in co-operation with Goostrey Parish Council and Cheshire East Council Public Rights of Way Unit to maintain and improve rural footpaths around the village, making them more enjoyable and accessible to all, and to encourage the use of these footpaths.     Our principal […]

Added Features

It has been our pleasure here at www.lovegoostrey.com to take our readers on virtual travel during the times of Lockdown and inspire home-made comforting recipes. Soon we will be bringing a new editor to join us. A professional lady with classical skills in fashion for ages 40+ and introduce fashion for our homes and gardens […]

Lunch And Literature

William and Dorothy Wordsworth put together some inspiring literature.  Pictured here William Wordsworth, a scholar at Hawkshead school in The Lake District. I believe it to be his sister, Dorothy, who inspired the writing of ‘ I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’, a famous piece of script. However, ladies a couple of centuries afore and […]

Fine Beans

Dear readers, I  am ashamed to say that I opened a pack of Fine Beans today. There are more carbon footprints on that pack from Kenya, than Sir Somebody uh! Hum! Avoiding the Viruses by popping off in a custom-made flying machine. Can we grow fine beans, runner beans, broad beans here in Goostrey? Yes […]

Summertime Nature

The frogspawn hatched in Spring and afterwards, baby frogs gathered under my strawberry plants and ventured forth for a humid sunbathe last month, they were curious of their new life and glittering eyes could be spotted at twilight, not only in Goostrey but throughout our county. A chorus a tennors, one croak, two croaks and […]


Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country, bordering Slovenia to the west, Hungary to the north, Serbia to the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the south; the country also has a long maritime border with Italy in the Adriatic Sea.Croatia has an unusual shape (similar to a croissant!) that is unlike any other […]


The Rose Day 2021 was an imense emergence back to the love of Goostrey. We Love Goostrey! Pictured here, is a design that emiated the  feelings the young people of the village pored into ensuring that every home had a Post-Card to not only advertise the event, yet, ensure the isolated and vulnerable, were thought […]


A report from Simon Linford (President, Central Council of Church Bell Ringers). The sound of church bells. A quintessential part of our soundscape, but something that has been sadly absent from bell towers across the country during the pandemic. Bells call people to worship, mark joyful occasions such as weddings, and muffled, they help us […]