Hermitage Lane/NetherLea appeal response

In light of the forthcoming appeal for Hermitage Lane, we at LoveGoostrey suggest you respond by 28th Aug using the online facility to comment/make representation [link to appeal webpage] and state:

“We are concerned regarding the implementation of Policy SE14 in Cheshire East’s Emerging Local Plan, as it requires Jodrell Bank to demonstrate how this development proposal would reduce the efficiency of the Lovell telescope which, from recent planning applications and appeals, appears to be difficult for them to do (refer to planning application 10/2647C  Twemlow Lane and 14/0081C Hermitage lane). The planning statement on Hermitage Lane confirms that although the application was recommended for Refusal, Jodrell Bank’s objection to this development couldn’t be sustained in the opinion of the planning officer as it was assessed that the effect on the telescope would be similar to the Twemlow Lane development, refer to  http://moderngov.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ecminutes/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=285&MId=4854&Ver=4 . However, we understand that Jodrell Bank is concerned about the incremental increase in housing around the observatory and the aggregate effect of interference that this would cause.  Prof. Simon Garrington is on record as stating it is the ‘largest and nearest’ developments to the Observatory that cause the most harm, with significant radio interference caused by nearby villages such as Goostrey.

We believe, it is the precedent set by any one development that makes it increasingly difficult for Jodrell Bank to have any objection to development around the observatory sustained and hence it is this fact that is likely to reduce the efficiency of the Lovell Telescope.  We also have concerns in regard to planning officers having to arbitrate on the technical issues of such complex science.

We therefore request that in terms of assessing the potential harm to Jodrell Bank Observatory, in accordance with policy SE14 in Cheshire East’s Emerging Local Plan, that an assessment of the cumulative impact of ALL the currently proposed developments in the Village is undertaken as part of this appeal (whether a planning application has been submitted or whether a planning application is yet to be submitted but the developer has held an initial consultation meeting).  The cumulative impact assessment should include:-

1) Planning ref 14/1964  26 Dwellings off Hermitage Lane , Goostrey,

2) Planning ref 14/5579C   – 119 proposed houses Land north of Main Road, Goostrey

3) Planning Ref 14/1147C  – 25 Houses Land to South of, Main Road, Goostrey, Cheshire (refused but appeal/resubmission expected)

4) Planning submission awaited – 60 houses, The Grange Livery, Station Road, Goostrey (https://lovegoostrey.wordpress.com/planning-applications/the-grange/)

5) Planning submission awaited – 55 houses, Mill Lane, Goostrey (https://lovegoostrey.wordpress.com/planning-applications/mill-lane/)


Hermitage Lane action group Update

LoveGoostrey has received the following summary from the Hermitage Lane and Nether Lea Action Group:

·       The Planning Inspector has agreed with Cheshire East that this Appeal should be heard by Inquiry. No date has been fixed for the Inquiry as yet but November / December 2015 has been proposed.

·       A copy of the Applicant’s “Statement of Case” and other documents relating to the Appeal can be viewed on the Cheshire East Planning website under 14/1964. 

·       The Applicant’s “Statement of Case” does not include anything that we were not expecting.  The Planning Application (14/1964) to which this Appeal refers was refused on the grounds of:

o       Five year housing supply.  This is the subject of ongoing debate.

o       The proposed site is open countryside and there are no grounds to extend the Village settlement boundary.  This is still true today although the Applicant has put forward an argument for extending the Village settlement boundary in the absence of a five year housing supply.

o       Impact on the operations of Jodrell Bank Observatory (JBO).  The Applicant is challenging the impact on JBO on the basis of an Appeal decision in January 2013 relating to a site at Twemlow which overturned a Planning Application refusal.  The status and importance of JBO on a local, national and worldwide level has increased substantially since that Appeal decision in January 2013. Also, JBO is in receipt of substantial Government funding to progress its current and future projects.  Cheshire East has confirmed that they are in dialogue with JBO regarding the Appeal.

Cheshire East Planning has sent a notice of the Appeal to everyone who commented on Planning Application 14/1964. As stated in this letter Cheshire East will forward all comments received on the Planning Application 14/1964 to the Planning Inspector. However, we would suggest that you also submit an individual comment to the Planning Inspector (the Planning Inspectorate calls this “representation”).   As an alternative to making comment by letter in triplicate as detailed in the notice of appeal letter, you can also submit comments online as follows:   

a.      Go to – http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/planning/appeals/online/search

b.      Select “Appeal Search”

c.      Enter 3032678 in the top “Case Reference” box and hit search at the bottom of the screen. You should now see Summary Details of the Appeal. [or click here]

d.      Select “Make representation” in the top right hand corner

e.      Select “Interested Party / Person” and follow the screens / instructions from there.

Regardless of whether comment is made by letter in triplicate or online, it is important to note that the Planning Inspector will ONLY accept comments in a specific format. Your comments must therefore include the following:

a.      Your name and address.

b.      The Planning Inspectorate Appeal reference APP/R0660/W/15/3032678

c.      The address of the Appeal site – Land to the East of Hermitage Lane, Goostrey

d.      And commence either:

i.      “I am against the Appeal proposals for the same reasons as given by the L.P.A.”  You need say no more.  If a letter, sign and send. Note: L.P.A. = Cheshire East Planning

OR, if you have something new to add to the comments that you made on Planning Application 14/1964:

ii.     “I am against the Appeal proposals. My reasons are as follows” and explain the reasons, in as much detail as you want.

The closing date for comment is 28th August 2015.

We will be undertaking a Village maildrop over the next few weeks.  It is important to stress to the whole Village that, if this Appeal is allowed, it will set a dangerous precedent for other current and future Planning Applications and any future Appeals. The future of Goostrey as a Village is under severe threat. We are therefore seeking support from across the Village to oppose this Appeal.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Martin Brown, 2 Nether Lea

Malcolm Ross, 3 Nether Lea

Caroline Goodchild, Marbrook House, Hermitage Lane

Hermitage Lane and Nether Lea Action Group.


Case for appeal on Netherlea houses

The statement of the case for the appeal against the refusal of 26 houses on Netherlea/Hermitage Lane has now been published in CEC’s planning page.

Statement of case

Cheshire East’s lack of a 5 year housing supply is obviously mentioned but so is the appeal against the refusal of 13 houses in Twemlow in 2013 when the main issue was “the effect of the proposal on the efficient operation of Jodrell Bank Observatory (JBO) and whether this effect would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits that would result from the proposed development.”

The Inspector stated at that appeal “that it has not been demonstrated that the proposal would have any unacceptable effect on the efficient operation of Jodrell Bank Observatory”, 2.7km away.

Sign petition asking for a pause in planning decisions

Villages like Goostrey are joining together to sign a petition to “Put on hold for 12 months decisions by the Planning Inspectorate in respect of the speculative developments by Gladman and others which are outside the settlement boundaries of the old District Plan and which are being pursued because the new Local District Plan has not yet been finalised”.

” I am asking you to please support my campaign to halt for a 12 month period decisions by the Planning Inspectorate on  these green field sites where building would not normally have been permitted under the old Local Plans and allow the democratic procedure to draw to a conclusion. Sites that accord with the NPPF and are identified in the Local Plan should ensure that sites outside the new settlement boundaries will be better protected by local plan policies and supported by the local communities. This approach will more closely reflect the Localism agenda in a meaningful and consistent manner. PLEASE VOTE to help my community and the many others similarly affected to determine our own future.”

Read the petition to Eric Pickles and sign here:  https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-the-developers-having-it-all-thei-own-way

Hermitage lane refused

The planning application for houses at Netherlea/Hermitage lane was unanimously refused on Weds 29th Oct, apart from one abstention.  Reasons for refusal followed the planning officer’s recommendations.

Although an appeal cannot be ruled out it is encouraging that CEC planning committee took careful note of Jodrell Bank’s objections.

Planner recommends Hermitage refusal

CEC planner recommends refusal of the Hermitage Lane development on the 29th Oct, based on it being in Open Countryside and the potential harm to Jodrell Bank.

JBO’s objection states:

“Noting that there is more than one development of this size in Goostrey and that further development is to be expected we must also consider the cumulative effect of these increases in the potential to cause harmful interference to our scientific observations.

Our analysis indicates that developments of this size do constitute a significant increase in potential interference and we have raised this concern with senior planners at Cheshire East.”