I have spoken to two ladies about the proposed concept of the L&L idea this week.( L&L being Lunch and Literature). Rather than elect a particular novel, that may be difficult to obtain, and at a venue that may be uncomfortable for book lovers to visit, post Covid Lockdown, might I glean your ideas please,  […]


Mr and Mrs Bates, Catering and Petrol Station.   According to Catherine Kemery, Mount Pleasant Residential Park once was developed by Mr and Mrs Bates and set up for Catering and serving Petrol. Before the days of disel and electric hybrid cars, and ordering cake and sandwiches on-line. Mr Bates met Mrs Bates nee Ruth […]

Congestion At Mount Pleasant Residential Park

Access to Mount Pleasant Residential Park is compromised. Be careful! Recently an ambulance could not attend to an emergency there last week, due to access, and exit issues and another ambulance could not reach an incident last night on Mount Pleasant Residential Park. The site homes vulnerable and elderly people. The speed limit through Goostrey […]

Bill Macdonald is 79

Bill won’t be 79 for much longer. A certain someone told me that on Mid-Summer Day the grand chap will be turning 80. Bill has lived at Mount Pleasant Residential Park several years and is a very active member of its community. Always out and about helping others with a cheery smile. He is also […]


Soupa Soups is an idea conceived by Rev Heather, of St.Luke’s  Parish Church in Goostrey, to provide a means of reaching out to those residents who are most isolated in the community and before Christmas, more than 400 cups of soup were distributed by Rev Heather and Alison Wright siding from the Co-operative chain. The  […]