JBO object to Dromedary Lodge

The 14/1147C  DromedaryLodge/Mt Pleasant application has raised concerns with JBO, leading them to object: “Our analysis indicates that developments of this size do constitute a significant increase in potential interference and we have raised this concern with senior planners at Cheshire East.”  Acknowledging other applications in the village, they “also consider the cumulative effect of these increases in the potential to cause harmful interference to our scientific observations”.


Comments date extended to 11th June

Mt Pleasant date extended 14/1147C

Objectors to the proposal for housing next to Mt Pleasant met this morning and shared their concerns over the ‘potential loss of more of the beautiful, open Cheshire countryside ‘.

“We were very pleased to see so many concerned residents present which shows the strong feelings that people have about the proposed development.”

Mt Pleasant objectors discuss concerns

Mt Pleasant objectors discuss concerns


“special character of Goostrey”

Fiona Bruce MP supports Goostrey’s fight against development:

“I reconfirm my commitment to support residents in their endeavours to maintain the special character of Goostrey as a village and to ensure that inappropriate developer-led planning is thoroughly challenged – if localism means anything, it should mean the right for local people to decide how their own communities will develop in the future, and in this the Goostrey community has my full support.”

Goostrey residents unite to fight plans for yet another proposed housing estate,  read more.. Knutsford Guardian 23rd May 2014

14/1147C planning ref to register your comment about the development behind Mt Pleasant before 11th June.

Fiona supports Goostrey

Fiona supports Goostrey

Saltersford recommended for refusal

The 14/0132C Saltersford Corner proposal has been recommended for refusal by the planning officer – and will be heard by the Strategic Planning Board next Wednesday 28th May 2014.  The recommendation for refusal is based on:

1. The proposed residential development is unsustainable because it is located within the Open Countryside, contrary to Policy PS8 of the Congleton Borough Local Plan First Review 2005, Policy PG5 of the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy – Submission Version and the principles of the National Planning Policy Framework, which seek to ensure development is directed to the right location and open countryside is protected from inappropriate development and maintained for future generations enjoyment and use.   As such it and creates harm to interests of acknowledged importance.   The Local Planning Authority can demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and consequently, there are no material circumstances to indicate that permission should be granted contrary to the development plan, to the emerging Development Strategy and the principles of the National Planning Policy since there are no material circumstances to indicate that permission should be granted contrary to the development plan.

2. The proposal would result in loss of the best and most versatile agricultural land and given that the Authority can demonstrate a housing land supply in excess of 5 years, the applicant has failed to demonstrate that there is a need for the development, which could not be accommodated elsewhere. The use of the best and most versatile agricultural land is inefficient and contrary to Policy SE2 of the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy – Submission Version and the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Objectors’ flyer re Mount Pleasant proposal

Objectors to the proposed development by Mount Pleasant have produced this flyer to help residents comment on the application:
Mt Pleasant flyer

Information to help you register your objection before 5th June!
NEW Housing Application next to Mount Pleasant Park, Main Road.
Important: Planning information that will affect you, and our village!
What’s happened?
You may recall a consultation evening held in the Village Hall on 29th January, where HOW Planning displayed their clients proposal for 25 new houses on the field on Dromedary Lane, next to Mount Pleasant. That evening, with an excellent turnout from concerned residents, developers were left in no uncertain terms that their plans for housing on this site were not welcomed, nor appropriate.
Regrettably, they have decided to continue to progress their plans anyway and have now submitted formal plans for planning permission.
What can you do?
With our village currently under constant attack by predatory developers, this submission further adds to the need for Goostrey residents to be united in saying “NO” to this planning application. The impact would be felt village wide and result in the loss of OUR open countryside. Please take a few minutes to help protect our village and register you objection to this unnecessary development. Cheshire East may agree Goostrey does not need any more new housing, but until their plan is accepted by central Government, we are still at risk!
Now it is the time to act and register your objection to the plans – the deadline for this is 5th June.
NOTE: Goostrey Parish Council met on 17th May and will also be objecting to this application.
How do I register my objection?
The best way is either online via Cheshire East planning –  http://planning.cheshireeast.gov.uk
Select the planning application, using reference 14/1147C, and then “comment on this application”
If you prefer to write, your letter needs to quote reference 14/1147C and include your home address. Correspondence should be sent to: Head of Planning and Housing, Development Management, Town Hall, Macclesfield SK10 1DP
Due to the nature of the system, only written forms of objections count: either online or via post.
What reasons should I give for my objection?
All reasons have to be objective. Here are some you may wish to consider, please use as you require:
  • The site is a field in OPEN countryside, is used and classed as agricultural land, and its development is NOT in accordance with Cheshire East Emerging Local Plan.
  • Cheshire East has confirmed that it has a five year housing supply already, and this additional development is not required.
  • Cheshire East have also confirmed that no more site allocations are required in Goostrey or Holmes Chapel as sufficient numbers have already been built or have permission already.
  • Affordable housing already built in the last two years remains currently unsold.
  • The application allows for 2 cars per household – or 50 extra cars plus extra traffic. Dromedary Lane and Main Road are not suitable for increased traffic, and is already the subject of near misses not to mention a busy walking route for schoolchildren.
  • Jodrell Bank has repeatedly expressed concern over the gradual impact of development within their consultation area. Majority of key services also fall outside of recommendations.
  • The design and type of housing is not in keeping with the area, and developing the currently agricultural site will ruin a much loved public footpath that provides immediate access to our unspoilt Cheshire countryside.


Andrew Lintell, Dromedary Lodge                                            andrew.lintell@gmail.com
Jane Stubbs, The Old Barley House, 66 Main Rd                                jes66uk@aol.com 
Brian and Phyllis Philipson, The Old Shippon, 64 Main Rd   brian.phyllis@btinternet.com

New application by Mt Pleasant; 25 dwellings

A new application has been submitted for land beside Mt Pleasant, off Main Road.  The application by How Planning seeks outline planning for 25 houses, construction of access from Main Road, areas of public open space, landscaping etc.

Last date for comments is 5th June with a committee date scheduled for 2nd July 2014.

Planning documents: 14/1147C

How Planning seek 25 houses

How Planning seek 25 houses