Red Lion apply to turn barn into dwelling

The Red Lion have applied for the conversion of their existing barn behind the pub into a dwelling (this is in fact a re-submission of application 09/4142C which was approved in March 2010).

(link to planning page: 19/2543C)  Comments should be submitted to Cheshire East by the 1st July 2019.

Mount Pleasant buildings demolition

“Mount Pleasant Caravan Park….Prior notification of proposed demolition of 60 and 60A Main Road”

Comments re the demolition of the existing buildings at Mount Pleasant to make way for 9 extra park homes should be made to Cheshire East by 1st July. (link to planning page 19/2777C).

Work is scheduled to start on 1st September 2019 at Mount Pleasant Residential Park – some residents may recall it once being a petrol station and Mrs Bates’ cafe and farmhouse.

View from the road.
Google Earth

Curiously, the Application for Tingdene Parks Ltd states that the site cannot be viewed from the road nor is next to a public right of way.  I would suggest otherwise!




Application for wedding venue at Blackden Manor

Mr & Mrs Kershaw’s new application for their Grade ll listed Blackden Manor seeks to create a separate wedding venue with 10 bedrooms as well as a large extension to the main house.  (For info their other interests include The Colony Group – including luxurious office space/wedding venue etc near the airport)

Link to planning page for details: 19/2427C.  Comments are due by 27th June – to be decided by delegated authority rather than committee.

Wedding venue

The Grade ll manor house, to the east of the railway station, is currently being renovated/modernised.  This latest application points to the costs being offset by revenue generated from the creation of a separate wedding venue from the Grade ll cottage and adjacent farm building with glass extension:  “…The goal of the owners is to preserve the long term future of the estate but this cannot be at any cost. Consequently, the current proposals involve the renovation and extension of the listed farm building and East farm buildings to provide a wedding venue. This will then allow revue (sic) to be generated to fund the renovation of the ancillary buildings and fund the shortfall to the renovation and upkeep of the main house and surrounding estate.” Design & Access Statement 19/2427C.

The 2 outbuildings’ layouts suggest one for ceremonies and one for receptions (showing over 100 guests) and providing 10 bedrooms, although car parking doesn’t appear on the drawings.

Surely such a venture could lead to on-going noise and traffic issues locally, however no neighbours are being notified by CEC about the application!  Jodrell Bank Observatory are, of course, listed as a consultee.

Manor house extension

The Grade ll manor house is already a sizeable 7 bedroomed building but a very large glass extension is now proposed to the rear of the main house. “The current owners have acquired the estate with the intention of making it a family home. This involves extensive restoration to the existing buildings and estate in order to extend its life and make it suitable for use as a home to cater for the ongoing needs of their family and to ensure it reaches the standards expected of the size and stature of the house and estate.   …… extension is required to create a plan that works for the family…”

Recent alterations/renovations were approved on application 19/1324C.

Blackden manor proposed extension


Blackden Manor with proposed rear glass extension

Permitted development on Mount Pleasant?

Interestingly, Tingdene Parks Ltd are hoping to add nine additional homes at Mount Pleasant Park under ‘permitted development’ through planning permission granted in the 1990’s.

This new proposal follows being refused permission for the demolition of 60 & 60a Main Road & garage blocks for 9 park homes in January 2019 (with objection from JBO).

Last day for submitting comments: 24th April 2019.

Link to Planning Application page :  19/1524M

CEC to review Sand Quarry on 27th

Sibelco’s sand quarry application 17/3605W is due to be heard again by Cheshire East following updated information submitted to CWaC.  (CWaC approved the proposal, as did CEC last year)

Wednesday 27th Feb Macclesfield Town Hall at 10:30am. (public welcome)

“……….The assessment of the additional information is the subject of this additional report together with additional representations from members of the public, clarification of the Jodrell Bank position and an update on the latest published NPPF. The conclusion of the statutory consultees is that the impact of the development on the hydrogeology, hydrology and ecology of the area, in particular New Platt Mere, is considered to be acceptable, and no new objections are raised.”

“……….The consideration of the development remains as set out in the report dated 4th April 2017, appended, except where updated by this report, and it is not proposed to revisit this as there is no alteration to the development proposal.”

Conditional Approval subject to conditions and Subject to the Secretary of State deciding not to ‘call-in’ the application under the Departure from the Development Plan procedures and Article 31 Direction of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015.” CEC

Sand Quarry 8th Jan

Decision date 8th Jan


Changes to Nether Lea proposal

The indicative layout for Outline Planning now shows 13 homes (one extra) being proposed by Crabtree Homes Ltd for land to the east of Hermitage Lane, with access off Nether Lea. (see layout below).  The mound to the east (allegedly to deflect interference to JBO) has been removed.

revised Netherlea

Proposal Feb 2019 now shows an extra dwelling and no mound

The decision, by delegated authority, has been moved to the end of March 2019.

Link to application:  18/4980C

Previous layout for 12 homes Nether Lea 18/4980C








Before these changes Goostrey Parish Council had objected – as had JBO. Jodrell Bank Observatory  were also opposed to a previous application for 26 homes at this location (Ashalls submitted a different proposal in 2014 – 14/1964C ; refused and then withdrawn before appeal).


 “The development will provide a mixture of market and affordable homes enhancing the land which has previously been used for agriculture and is currently empty .” Design & Access, Crabtree Homes.

Glamping site and extra park homes refused

Two planning applications have been refused recently, both due to the potential impairment to JBO:

A ‘glamping’ site for 10 ‘pods’ on Bomish Lane:  18/5000m 

Nine extra park homes on Mount Pleasant    :  18/4510C 

A decision on  18/4980C:  12 homes on land to the east of Hermitage Lane, off Nether Lea is due later this month; 18th Feb 2019)

All were opposed by the Parish Council and Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Click the links above for details.