Sand Quarry approved by Cheshire West

Plans for the Sibelco sand quarry on land at Rudheath Lodge, New Platt Lane were approved today by Cheshire West & Chester. The proposal had previously been approved on April 4th by Cheshire East’s strategic planning board.   (new info from the Environment Agency wasn’t discussed at the meeting but if the EA change their original ‘no objection’ then it will be referred back to planning).

Cheshire East are to meet again to review the new documents but it seems doubtful that they are allowed to alter their original vote.

and 17/03104/MIN Cheshire West and Chester)

Amongst others Goostrey’s Cllr Ken Morris spoke against the application over concerns about fugitive silica dust as well as pointing out that the stated Condition by Jodrell Bank Observatory for the site to not exceed the ITU threshold cannot possibly be enforced.  Especially when Sibelco say the site already exceeds it (before driver’s mobiles etc).  JBO have been given a draft scheme by Sibelco and will have to sign off on it before plans can go ahead.

In regard to water levels of nearby New Platt Mere dropping; CWaC stated that work would stop if water levels dropped to a certain level, and only resume once they had risen again.

Sand Quarry 8th Jan

Decision date 8th Jan


Should Sand Quarry proposal be called-in by Sec of State?

Should objectors to the proposed sand quarry on New Platt Lane be writing to the Secretary of State with their reasons in support of a call-in of both applications?  CW&C are recommending approval on the 8th Jan – and CEC have already approved the plans – but there is an interesting point in the related documents on the Agenda (link to page, see Item 5).

6.129 ……. Cheshire East Planning Authority resolved to approve their application at their Strategic Planning Board on 4th April but has referred the application onto the Secretary of State as it is considered to be a departure from the their development plan. The Secretary of State has confirmed that they wish to consider calling in both applications for a Public Inquiry together, that is, the applications before Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester Planning Authorities to consider the Rudheath Lodge Quarry site as a whole. Therefore, should this planning application be approved by the Planning Committee, the Authority would be unable to grant planning permission until the Secretary of State has considered the application.

New information (against the plans) is to be put to Cheshire East in the new year however they are not legally allowed to change their original votes!

Mail address for Sec of State: James Brokenshire MP, MHCLG, 2 Marsham Street,London, SW1P 4DF.  or via email on their webpage..  Contact form

Decision date 8th Jan

Sand Quarry decision meeting

The Sand Quarry application is to be considered by Cheshire West & Chester Council at its Planning Committee meeting on 8 January 2019. (link to website)

If you wish to attend the meeting will take place at Room G1, HQ Building, Nicholas Street, Chester, CH1 2NP and starts at 4.00pm.  There is parking opposite.

(link to planning ref: 17/03104/MIN Cheshire West and Chester)

One representative of objectors would have the opportunity to speak at the meeting, and one of support.

(email for objectors’ queries)

(Cheshire East have also been presented with new documents from consultees and are due to discuss the proposal again – but members are not allowed to change their original votes!)

Quarry location

Location of sand quarry


Sand Quarry comments extended due to new documents

Although CEC’s Strategic Planning Board voted earlier this year to approve the part of Sibelco’s planning application which is in Cheshire East, the decision has not yet been confirmed and an approval letter has not yet been issued. Residents now have the opportunity to submit further comments due to additional information, see below, up  until the 3rd January 2019. (Original comments are still relevant)

The application has not yet been considered by Cheshire West and now new objections have been raised by Garnett Farms.  They put the case that the water table in the area will be lowered if the Quarry goes ahead; in particular the water level in New Platt Mere would drop.  This has resulted in a number of new technical documents between the Environment Agency, Sibelco and others – which can be found on the following link to Cheshire West website under 17/03104/MIN. 

The Sibelco rebuttals (but not the other documents) have appeared on the Cheshire East planning website in the last few days and are open to public consultation with a closing date of 3rd January 2019, the planning application number is 17/3605W.   (click link).

After a number of re-schedulings the latest date for the Cheshire West Planning Committee is 8th January 2019.

Interestingly Cheshire West have also published a document from Sibelco entitled ‘Electromagnetic Compatibility Scheme’  which shows that the background level of radio emissions are higher than those specified by JBO, even before any works are started.  Although Sibelco have asked for a response from JBO, there is nothing showing on either CEC or CW&C websites.

Quarry location

Location of sand quarry

Sibelco’s decision postponed!

Last minute cancellation of meeting!

I’ve just been informed that the meeting of Cheshire West & Chester council for Sibelco’s application is now NOT going ahead tomorrow, Thursday, apparently due to some information only just becoming available.
New date as yet unknown but for now the meeting planned for tomorrow 21st June is postponed!

New Platt Lane quarry recommended for approval

Plans by Sibelco to extract 3.3 million tons of industrial sand from a site near Goostrey have been recommended for approval, despite the project receiving nearly 800 letters of objection.

Quarry location

Location of sand quarry

The 180-acre site is across two parcels of land either side of New Platt Lane, with the council considering the application for an 81-acre portion of the wider development. The remainder of the site falls within the boundaries of Cheshire East Council, which earlier this year signalled its intention to allow the project to go ahead.

The sand is proposed to be extracted by dredging to a depth of 4.5m on the site and would involve sand and other material being extracted via a small boat and then pumped through a pipeline to a processing plant north of New Platt Lane.

The extraction would take place over 12 phases, with each phase operating for approximately one year. The 16.4m high processing plant would use site pumped water to wash the sand and remove small amounts of clay and silt.

The site is expected to handle around 130 truck journeys each day, and Sibelco is proposing to improve New Platt Lane from the junction with the A50 to its new plant site entrance. Much of the sand that is extracted will replace demand from the company’s Dingle Bank Quarry on Holmes Chapel Road, Macclesfield, which is due to be decomissioned by 2020.

Planners have recommended the project for approval despite it receiving 797 objections out of a total of 1,027 letters and representations. Objections included concerns over loss of local wildlife, impact on trees and watercourses.

Sibelco said the site would be restored to a lake, fields, hedgerows and woodland once the extraction was complete.

Cheshire West & Chester’s planning committee will meet on 21 June.