Red Lion offers solution to parking!

Community spirit.

There has been much debate on social media this week about the parking/traffic problem caused by the new charge at Goostrey Station but one solution has come to light.  We hear today from the Garnetts that they are offering their Red Lion pub car park to commuters – to park there for free!  Commuters might need a brolly on a morning such as today but it isn’t too far to walk to the station from there and would stop the threat of a nasty prang at the blind bend by the railway with a row of parked cars.

Great community spirit from the Garnett’s to solve a tricky problem – and maybe the odd commuter will pop in for a ‘quick half’ occasionally by way of a thank you!

The Red Lion




Dangerous parking near Station

Please be aware of the dangers of parking on the main road near the railway station.    (The Red Lion has kindly said that commuters may park for free in the pub car park.)

Following the new daily parking charge cars are being parked along Station Road and in front of the houses near the bend. This could well end up causing an accident; vehicles now have to approach the blind bend along the wrong side of the road past a row of parked cars – unable to see what is coming over the rail bridge.  Also, a vehicle driving over the bridge will not be expecting a car/bus/lorry or tractor to be heading straight for them on the wrong side of the road.

Parked cars

Parking on main road outside Goostrey Railway station

If you have trouble paying or getting a ticket from the machine: “For more information, enquiries or complaints about this car park please call Northern Customer Experience Centre on 0800 200 6060 or write to Freepost Northern Railway.”



Parking charges for Goostrey station

Goostrey has enjoyed free parking at the Station but when Holmes Chapel started parking charges it has almost seemed inevitable that Goostrey would follow suit.

A new £3.00 charge/day is to be introduced by card or phone; as you can see signs are already up and soon to be unveiled, though dropping off and picking up will still be ok.  (click pictures to enlarge)