Wild Walking

As the vertical path crumbled under the sole of my water-filled cavern of a walking boot, due to falling into the local brook, and despite lingering exhaustion due to late July heat, there were elberberries and a few blackberries erupting as I descended the route back via  The Bongs of Goostrey. One wet boot, one […]


A report from Simon Linford (President, Central Council of Church Bell Ringers). The sound of church bells. A quintessential part of our soundscape, but something that has been sadly absent from bell towers across the country during the pandemic. Bells call people to worship, mark joyful occasions such as weddings, and muffled, they help us […]


  I gleaned beautiful insight into creating ideas for my cards. The most beautiful was a red poppy and I painted her in a yellow skirt, wearing wellies in a rainy puddle. Gardens are full of beauty and top-up our Mindfulness. Painting, drawing, writing and creating harmony. Has anyone a photo of a Clematis that […]

St. Luke’s Drop In Update

All the organised meetings for the church Drop-In were postponed indoors at their usual spot at Goostrey Village Hall, however Revrd. Heather the church’s Vicar went with the current COVID-19 allowance, and the Drop-In will be within Government guidelines, to be held within her personal garden, blessed with a gazebo in case of rain. The […]

Scam Alerts

I am avoiding some online fraudsters. Why? Because a trusted organisation has taken money from a bank account and failed to deliver the item. Please share your comments with us to put a stop to such immoral action, if you have been a witness to being ‘Ripped Off’. Most of us work hard and fair […]

Gardens Are Full Of Edible Nutrients

Where did the name Dandelion and Burdock originate from? Recipes for the use of fresh leaves and flowers, native to us for many years, are there for the picking, accordingly. Dandelion and burdock is a beverage consumed in the British Isles since the Middle Ages. It was originally a type of light mead, but over […]


Due to Covid, the Time Trialling for Cyclists, had to be suspended, for a few more weeks, but hopefully, like many of us, you are still enjoying the riding of a bike in the local villages.  I thought to report a piece, recently put together by an enthusiast, Mike Cotgreave, which may be of interest […]


  Listen! There are songs titled Zoom… By Fat Larry’s Band. By The Commadores. Now, we have Zoom by Connecting to one another. ” I wish the world were truly happy as one” Zoom…