Housing at The Grange refused

Outline planning has been refused for 8 houses on the site of The Grange stables and menage off Station Road.  Goostrey PC voted to object and Jodrell Bank Observatory had strongly opposed the proposal.

Link to application: 18/4079C

The reasons for refusal are as follows:

  1. The Local Planning Authority considers that the proposed development would introduce a suburban, residential development (by virtue of the scale massing layout of the proposed dwellings) in this rural area which would not preserve or enhance the character of the locality. It is considered that a residential scheme in this location would not be acceptable in terms of its landscape and visual impact and would lead to an unacceptable form of development within the Open Countryside
  2. The proposed development would impair the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope which is an internationally important scientific facility.

The planning officer made the following observations:

“In any event it is not considered that the fundamental principle of the replacement of the existing buildings with two storey dwellings (as proposed) would preserve or enhance the character of the area and that the proposed development would have a significant negative impact on the Open Countryside and area. The existing equine use is considered to be appropriate to the character of the area and it is considered that the form/layout of the proposed residential development would assist to erode the landscape character of the area”

“Given the local character of the area, the impact on the landscape and the impact on Jodrell Bank it is not considered that the redevelopment of the application site to a residential use represents sustainable development as detailed within this report.”  Link to full officer’s report.

Grange site refused for 8 houses

JBO oppose two planning applications

Jodrell Bank Observatory have objected to two current applications in Goostrey and Twemlow, ‘noting that the cumulative impact of this and other developments is more significant than each development individually‘:

8 proposed houses 18/4079C

-Outline planning for 8 houses on the site of The Grange livery’s stables and menage off Station Road. Decision expected 9th Nov. (link to application: 18/4079C)


-A proposal for new offices at the entrance to the exMoD Twemlow site.  Approved. (link to planning page 18/3670C). 


Last day for comments on the Grange 8

Today is the last day for submitting comments on the application for 8 houses at The Grange Livery’s stables and menage off Station Road.  Click the link to CEC planning portal: 18/4079C.   (Your name is required but it won’t show on the objection)

Goostrey Parish Council voted to object last night, due to the conflict with policies in the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting JBO – if they object.

Jodrell Bank Observatory are, LG believes, most likely to object – having previously objected to 6 houses opposite Mt Pleasant, 3 next to the Red Lion and 6 at Swallowdale behind it, all at a greater distance.

The application itself is for outline planning (generally used to find out if the scale and nature of a proposal will be acceptable without incurring costs before final details are submitted at ‘reserved matters’ stage).

CEC’s draft Site Allocations document states that no allocation for further houses or sites are required for Goostrey.

Link to LoveGoostrey page


Interference at the Grange

There’s just about a week left to comment on the proposal for 8 houses on the site of The Grange Livery’s stables and menage off Station Road.  Click the link to CEC planning portal: 18/4079C.   The last date for submitting comments is Weds 12th Sept.  

Most pertinently, if CEC approve the application it would open up other areas of Open Countryside around the village to developers, but the protection of Jodrell Bank has “global significance” and should therefore be the main consideration for Cheshire East.

If JBO object, which is most likely given the sites proximity to JBO, the proposal will be in breach of several policies: CEC’s SE14 and Goostrey’s SC2 [re JBO] as well as being in Open Countryside VDLC2, and not inside or immediately next to the village boundary HOU1.

Six homes were refused recently at 51 Main Rd, where the effect of the proposed development on the operation of the Jodrell Bank Observatory was one of the main issues;  Six houses on the Livery site would cause more impairment as it is nearer to JBO – so these 8 proposed homes would therefore cause even greater interference.

The report on potential interference is lacking detail in what ‘power-tools’ were in use on the day of testing in June, or indeed how many.  The electromagnetic Field Measurement Report does mention grass-cutting – but, as you can see from the pictures below, there would be more grass (8 lawns) to cut and strim etc if 8 houses were to replace a menage, hard-standing and stables.  They could produce more interference/impairment than if 10 or 30 horses were at livery, contrary to the findings of the report…as would all the modern paraphernalia for 8 families, with all sorts of household electronic devices operating on a daily basis from computers and satellite tv to lighting and house alarms.

It would be a sad loss to lose such a resource on the outskirts of the village as livery places are, I’m told, in short supply in the area. Could there also be a loss of jobs for those that help with the livery when required and teach on the menage. Click the link to comment on CEC planning portal: 18/4079C.   The last date for submitting comments is Weds 12th Sept.  

Back in 2015 the then science minister, Greg Clark, said: “Cheshire East council must ensure that, in line with protections set out in the national planning policy framework, any new housing developments do not adversely impact on the important scientific mission of Jodrell Bank.”

Proposal for 8 houses at the Grange Livery

An application has been submitted for outline planning for 8 houses on the site of The Grange livery’s stables and menage off Station Road.

Link to application: 18/4079C

The last date for submitting comments is the 12th September.  The CEC planning page states that the decision is due by 9th October by ‘delegated authority’ rather than committee.

As the site is a mere 1.75 km of open countryside from the Lovell telescope, and given recent refusals and dismissed appeals in the village following JBO objections, it could be argued that going to Committee would be preferable.

[further details to follow]

Grange site for 8 houses



Submission for 138 houses in Local Plan

A developer working for Handforth East has submitted an alternative scheme to Handforth Village into the Local Plan which includes an additional 138 homes in the middle of Goostrey – in addition to the current planning applications at Nether Lea  and Dromedary Lodge and the pre-submission proposal at the Grange.   744683 Gladman Vision doc – Main Road Goostrey

Gladman's proposal

Gladman’s proposal

Goostrey housing policy:

Following Cheshire East’s confirmation that no site allocations for Goostrey are required, Goostrey PC voted last night to update its housing policy;  their preferred site allocation of the Grange has been removed and the parish council will in future object to all developments larger than 3 houses.

GPC attended a recent meeting in Sandbach Town Hall with Nick Boles and reported that the plight of Jodrell Bank was highlighted;  Nick Boles stated he would review what additional protection measures could be provided for the observatory.  GPC also reported it was evident at the meeting, organised by Fiona Bruce, that Goostrey has escaped relatively lightly compared to many other villages to date.

We now wait in anticipation for September when the Local Plan inquiry commences, then we will see whether Goostrey will continue to be as fortunate.

Plans on show for The Grange today

Thursday 20th February 3.45 to 8.00pm

The plans of the proposal for 60 houses on The Grange Livery fields, Station Road will be on show at the Village Hall later today, Thursday 20th February from 3.45 to 8.oopm.

No notification flyers were delivered to Station Road but they state “Representatives from Nutwell Land will be available in order to answer any questions you may have and listen to your views and contributions on the scheme.”  (Mine would be unrepeatable so I shall be keeping them to myself!)