Goostrey Annual Parish Meeting

Please note that Goostrey Parish Council has the Annual Parish Meeting on Thursday 29th April at 7.30pm. This will be conducted on ‘Zoom’ video conferencing due to Government  Protocol. Ken Morris, Chairman, Goostrey Parish Council has contacted local residents of Goostrey, by supplying a notice to us within our letterboxes, with the Agenda.

Photo Competition

The recently published article, covering photos, on LoveGoostrey has been extended. Could your creativity be the new features image for Maybe you can fill the feature image, that is left blank purposefully on this article? Now, the judging date has moved to August 12th for entries, giving everyone plenty of happy snaps to email […]


This week’s virtual travel journey takes us to Reykjavic, Iceland. Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is the country’s capital and largest city. It’s home to the National and Saga museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history.  A capital city encircled by waterfalls, whales, and glaciers galore and for many Icelandic visitors it also serves as a […]

The Lake District of Goostrey

Time To Move On

Whether it be Brexit or Covid, winter, or doom and gloom. Now, we all need to get on with our Lives. As I sit putting together some articles and features for the magazine, at 21.28hrs,  I hear fireworks. Why? Could they signify Freedom, Celebration and Joy? I sincerely hope so. Now is time to leave […]


The outdoor socially distanced event went very well, at Bidlea Dairy, Twemlow last weekend. Thanks to Paul Kemsley, Brian Symple, Jennie Mills, Will Burnham and The Woodlands Trust. Families pre-booked time slots of fifteen minutes and brought their own spades and forks. 150 metres of hedging and many varieties of apple trees were planted. This […]


Goostrey Methodist Church is opposite the shops on Main road. In the next few weeks, I will be posting updates from the warden on how the church has dealt with the Pandemic, and going forward as Lockdown lifts. In the meantime, please read this article. Kind regards Sarah Sarah McNaught Hello everyone and welcome to […]


  Listen! There are songs titled Zoom… By Fat Larry’s Band. By The Commadores. Now, we have Zoom by Connecting to one another. ” I wish the world were truly happy as one” Zoom…

Beware Dear Readers

We are yet again in National Lockdown. As we stay indoors, we are increasingly at risk of being targeted by unscrupulous people. It is wonderful to see communities coming together to help one another to help those at high risk or who are self isolating. Whilst the generosity of people in communities may make us […]

Bulbs Galore

Back in Autumn 2020, a small packet of bulbs arrived, at my home within a delivery time, that I was most thankful for, during Lockdown. I planted the tiny dried items, into a nutrient-rich-compost-filled trough. There they slept, often under a duvet of crystalised water. They, then sank into the safe-keeping of Mother Earth’s arms, […]


May I please draw your attention, and that of thy adopted wildlife, dogs and cats? Thank you for encouraging our companions. Both inside, and those we encourage into gardens. The posts circulating Goostrey village, on the subject of dog waste, may be confusing to other species, and humans with, or without pets, or no interest […]