Goostrey’s young people are amazing….

….and so are all the volunteers!….

If you go down to the woods on Sunday you might see our fabulous Cubs and Brownies planting more native trees and bulbs on the ‘Shearbrook Bongs’ adjacent to Swanwick Hall.

“A thousand ‘thank yous’ to The Gilcrest-Dicks at Swanwick Hall and Aiden Heritt their estate manager for making it all possible.

It’s all part of our young people’s wildlife project.

Later, on the 24th November we will be inviting all of the young people in our community to do their bit and come and plant a wildlife hedge at the Scout Hut as part of the Woodland Trust’s big climate fightback campaign.

It’s great to see our young people so engaged in their project.” Paul Kemsley. (Well done all!)

New management at The Red Lion

You may have seen on Facebook that The Red Lion is going to be run under new management, lead by Craig. Here Michaela Garnett explains – we wish them well…….

” I feel as if I should clear some things up!

You’ve noticed we’ve changed our profile picture without much warning. To us, this wasn’t a big deal because as a family we have been preparing for this following alot of discussion, but I suppose to others it’s not had much of an explanation! I know what Goostrey and the like is like and so I can only imagine what people are saying, so I thought I would pop something here for all to see 🙂

The Garnett’s have had the pub for over 15 years. We renovated and moved upstairs in 2009 ( If i remember correctly)! and it has been our home for all of this time. We all have a million memories here and it will ALWAYS be home.

However, time moves on.

I’ve graduated from uni, I don’t live in Cheshire anymore AND i’m planning my wedding. Amy doesn’t even live in the country anymore, let alone the county! and finally, the Garnett baby, William has moved out now and he’s training to be an Engineer Technician!

Life has suddenly moved on for us all, it’s shifted the family dynamic and inevitably this has had an impact on Mum and Dad too, their decisions and the way they look at their lives.

Whilst we are not saying Goodbye to the RLG, (We could never)! We are, the five of us, taking a lovely big step back and seeing what else the world has to offer us!!

So with that, we hand over to our new management, the leader of which is Craig. A lovely chap who wants nothing but the best for our home. We hope you pop in to say Hello, even if it is just to have a nosey! 😉

Thanks for the memories, RLG!”

Lovell close to finishing

The Lovell is always a stunning sight from around the village but it has looked like it’s landed from another universe while contractors work at nights to replace the original panels. “The contractors are getting very close to the top of the Telescope now – the white ring near the top edge shows where panels have been removed from the old surface but not yet replaced. The lights inside shine through. Looking forward to getting it back.”

Professor Tim O’Brien

The Lovell at night, photo Prof Tim O’Brien

From Twitter

Off the beaten track – at St Luke’s 24th Sept

Jacki Hill-Murphy, FRGS, is to give a talk on 24th September. Jacki is a writer and speaker who has travelled to some of the most inhospitable places on earth to re-create the journeys of daring female adventurers from the past.

7:30-9.00pm (doors open at 7). £5 a head. St. Luke’s Church, Goostrey. Tues 24thSept.

Royal Geographic Society.

Jacki Hill-Murphy MA, FRGS, is an explorer, writer and speaker who has travelled to some of the most inhospitable places on earth to re-create the journeys of daring women adventurers from the past. In tracking valiant women who left inhibition at home and journeyed into the unknown, Hill-Murphy pays tribute to their invincible spirits and achievements.

She has followed in the footsteps of Victorian explorers Isabella Bird who travelled by yak across the DigarLa in Ladakh, India; Mary Kingsley, who pioneered the route to the 13,255 summit of Mount Cameroon; and Kate Marsden who trudged from Moscow to Siberia in search of a cure for leprosy.

Hill-Murphy also braved piranha-infested waters in a dugout canoe to replicate the 1769 expedition of Isabel Godin, the only survivor of a 42-person, 3000-mile expedition along the Amazon River. Jacki says: “We are all adventuresses who need to travel to be who we are and we are better people for it.”