Goosfest tickets selling fast!

Goosfest 2019 tickets went on sale on Saturday morning and we hear that they’ve never had them sell so fast! Great news.

If you are planning to go to some of the events – and there seems to be something for everyone in the 2019 brochure – better get booking quickly to reserve your tickets before they sell out! Book online at

It’s online booking only this year – but there is a handy helpdesk phone number for people who aren’t online, or aren’t familiar with making online bookings.

Some highlights for 2019: globally-renowned singer Barbara Dickson with Scottish singer Rab Noakes; a presentation by Welsh naturalist and television wildlife presenter Iolo Williams; an Elvis tribute act by one of Europe’s top Elvis impersonators and The Budapest Café Orchestra. There’s the ever-popular Goosfest Buzz Comedy Night, plus storytelling, drama and lectures, and music ranging from guitar solos and classical, to jazz, country and Northern Soul. Continue reading

Jodrell Bank Observatory added to World Heritage List

Congratulations to Professors Teresa Anderson and Tim O’Brien! They are currently in Baku and will now no doubt be celebrating with their team as JBO has just been inscribed as a World Heritage Site!

The chairperson thanked for the “massive expression of support”, comments made included “impressive nomination”, “inspiration”, “protecting scientific knowledge”.

Full details on UNESCO press release:

“Outstanding universal value”


“Congratulations to Jodrell Bank UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The recognition by UNESCO of the outstanding universal value of Jodrell Bank, a University of Manchester body, symbolises the UK’s and its universities’, engineers’, educators’ and scientists’ role both in contributing to the foundations and cutting edge of science and engineering in the past and a how they, as part of a global community, will build on this legacy in the future”.

(Photos from the live feed showing Prof Anderson thanking UNESCO and all at JBO)

Goostrey Gooseberry Show 27th July 2019

Goostrey Gooseberry Show Saturday 27th July from 1pm at The Crown (til 6ish).

The first Goostrey Gooseberry Show was in 1863 with the first one held in the Red Lion, Goostrey.

The current Society has been going since 1897.

It’s all about who can grow the heaviest Gooseberry, some of which can grow to the size of a hen’s egg! After 12 months of carefully tending their ‘goozgog’ bushes the members will be on tenterhooks from the day before for “The Gathering” – when they pick their berries in front of witnesses and lock them away in special boxes until the all important weigh-in on the Saturday…..will they have split overnight?….will they be the heaviest?…..

Fingers crossed the weather is kind to them….too much sun? ….too much rain?

The Society would be grateful for your support on Saturday 27th July from 1pm (go along and witness this lovely village tradition and buy a raffle ticket!). The Crown will be serving food and drinks to round off an exciting day. If you live in Goostrey, Allostock or Twemlow you can join the Society and help keep this tradition alive!

2018 winners Goostrey Gooseberry Show

Bluedot info for residents 18-21st July

Obviously we hope the bluedot Festival will be a huge success again – however if you do have noise, anti-social or Highways concerns please contact CEC to log the issue as well as the bluedot Helpline below. And if you are going to bluedot this year..have a great time!

Cheshire East; Brenda Lomas 07753 583514, email:

bluedot Helpline; 07497 376220


Bees swarm on Rose Day field

There was a buzz of excitement on the school field on Sunday evening – with bees swarming around a tree on the field, spotted by Megan Hughes. How lucky though that the bees decided to swarm on Sunday rather than disrupt Rose Day 🐝 🐝 🐝 and before a school day!

Luckily Goostrey has a beekeeper; many thanks to Dee Smith for responding so promptly and collecting the swarm – and to daughter Leanne, who walked the honeybees home by wheelbarrow!

Thanks also to Megan for reporting the swarming bees in the first place.

An unexpected “Wild About Goostrey”. 🐝 🐝 🐝