CE responds to Inspector’s queries

Cheshire East have responded to the Planning Inspector and have defended their calculation of housing need which they state has been verified by an independent expert.

CE confirm the 5 year supply has been calculated on the ‘Liverpool method’, and the SHLAA is currently being updated to a revised 2014 edition which will inform an updated 5 year supply.

CE state they prefer the Liverpool method to the Sedgefield method as if the Sedgefield method is used the amount of houses delivered per year would need to triple, which CE believe could not be delivered as this would far exceed the development achieved per year to date. Instead the Liverpool method spreads the shortfall over the duration of the plan. CE state the shortfall is due to the recent moratorium on development within CE over the past few years.

In response to the query from the Inspector why more homes, as identified in the SHLAA, have not been put forward CE state that the SHLAA does not allocate sites but informs the Local Plan. Appropriate sites are then identified;  CE state many of the sites in the SHLAA are not suitable for development due to planning restrictions and there is not a development need to build an increase in housing anyway.  CE also state the SHLAA is being revised with total number of houses being reduced from 50,000 to 25,000.

In terms of the Planning Inspector’s enquiry with regards to the Settlement Hierarchy no response is given as to why Goostrey was selected as an LSC (page 34) but they confirm Holmes Chapel is evolving into a Key Service Centre (see 9.23) with the proposed supermarket development in Holmes Chapel.

CE’s response in full – PS B006b Council Response to Further Information Requested By The Inspector


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