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LoveGoostrey has spoken to CE and they are confident they have a 5 year housing supply and plan to confirm this after Easter. The problem seems to be that the Elworth Appeal came at the same time that CE were finalising their 5 year supply. Things have moved on in the last 3 months since the appeal was heard.

If there is no 5 year housing supply then any site will be fair game.

Crewe Chronicle, Elworth protestors
Crewe Chronicle, Elworth protestors


From the Elworth Hall Appeal it is clear any site that is put forward for development will be passed unless it can be demonstrated that it would cause unacceptable harm. This for most cases will be difficult to prove, apart from sites like Hermitage Lane where Jodrell Bank have objected.  The harm being to Jodrell Bank.  The difficulty is that it is hard for JBO to demonstrate at appeal how any one site will cause them harm or damage the efficiency of the telescope.  We saw this with the Twemlow development.  It is unrestricted development around them that will cause the harm.  Hence we were arguing for an exclusion zone and very restricted development in Goostrey.

If there is a 5 year housing supply then the Local Plan kicks in; which confirms development will be mainly in Holmes Chapel.  Even though we are a LSC, we have confirmed that there are already 60 houses with planning permission in the Goostrey LSC area since 2010 and hence no further site allocations are required.  Our CE councillors stated we were correct and even Adrian Fisher reluctantly agrees that no site allocations for Goostrey is an option.

It is this position that we all need to push and help keep Goostrey, well Goostrey for everyone.

Read Cheshire East’s statement on the 5 year housing supply 15th April 2014

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