Cheshire East versus Developer re no Local Plan

Sandbach and Alsager Appeals.

The developer argues that the Congleton Borough Local plan is out of date, no weight can be given to the Cheshire East emerging plan because it is incomplete, the SHLAA can be given no weight for a range of detailed reasons and that the proposed development is sustainable.

The Inspector indicated that each planning appeal will consider the individual merits of each proposal.

Cheshire East presented its case very well. The arguments were strong and they held up under cross examination. Members of the public also presented well and the Inspector certainly received an excellent representation of the views of the Community. The presentation from the legal team representing the developer was robust and it is impossible from an observer point of view to judge the legal merits of one case over the other.

It does appear though that the main objective of the developers, represented by a barrister and legal team, is to undermine the powers of Cheshire East to reject planning applications.  Given that Cheshire East is elected by our Communities and funded with ratepayers’ money and the fact that developers are often ‘land-banking’, rather than building, it is to be hoped that the Inspector will give priority to the expressed Community view, rather than the commercial self-interest of the developers.

The next appeal for Alsager’s Sandbach Road North takes place over 6 days in Macclesfield starting 7/8/2013.

read the whole piece..from Alsager Residents Action Group

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