Cheshire Potatoes. Grown In Goostrey.

Goostrey fields are spudd-tastic. En-route to Mill Lane today, I saw a blue tractor coupled with dignity to another piece of farm machinery and they bowed. The curtain of mist lifted over the boughs of Goostrey Bongs. Then, the sparrows settled down in nests, above those entrenched acres.

The Play warmed up with instrumental starting of engines, a little lull as the audience of canine strollers needed to chivvy along to take shade under a Yew or two.

The game  began. Little balls of potatoes warmed by the Spring sun, bounced as the blue-team of tractors paced alongside a red tatty-catcher, and then a goal… the new 56lb bags of  Cheshire potatoes come home, to our tables once more. Result! All out win for the farmers and crops working in harmony to feed our village.

Fabulous work potatoes this Spring and Summer. Wonderful work team Goostrey farmers, what shall we serve up with those melt-in-the-mouth gems?

Their beautiful nutty and yet creamy centres, are best cooked with the skin on. A five minute session in a 800watt microwave in water helps bring them along. Then your creativity commenseth into the second half of spuds v cooks.

Round Two:

Take possession of the potato balls, toss in hot olive oil, sea salt and add parmesan then set aside for the ingredients to soak together. Add a  rub of dried breadcrumbs on the skins to crisp them off  and cook through with your salmon, Tofu kebabs, or set aside whilst cooking

Serve with a colourful salad, as we sent you Foodies a recipe about earlier this Summer, then pan-fry some sea bass in a little oil with a handful of Polenta to crisp the fish.

Spuds of Goostrey 4. To Rehydrated Potato 0.

Eat with love of local food!



Sarah McNaught

Managing Director



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