Cheshire West approve 38 off New Platt Lane

Cheshire West approved the development of the old Chicken Farm off New Platt Lane yesterday for 38 houses Рhowever Cheshire East have not yet granted planning permission for the access.

link to Cheshire West’s webcast of decision meeting¬†20th March. (c. 1 hr long)

Access off New Platt Lane
Access off New Platt Lane

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    I have just watched the webcast. Nearly all the debate revolved around access which is NOT within Cheshire West’s remit as that is to be decided by Cheshire East. They were only supposed to be debating houses on the proposed site but there was little of that.

    It looks as though, because the Planning Officer had said OK, the Committee Members took that as their lead.

    Sustainability, education and other objections were glossed over. Jodrell Bank was mentioned once but quickly dismissed as not being an issue!

    Cheshire West does not have a five year housing supply and somehow the question was raised as to whether Cheshire East had a five year housing supply – amazingly, no one knew the answer!!

    Sad to say but this was another poor advert for the current planning process.

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      Jodrell Bank had no objections to this development as long as simple electromagnetic screening measures ( eg Pilkington K glass and plasterboard with foil) were applied which would explain why it was glossed over, screening is also provided by the topography and existing houses. The location of the development is the key to risk to Jodrell Bank. I haven’t watched the webcast yet, and will watch it later, but It is scary how decisions are made by people with little or no knowledge of planning or the area. The Planning officer, who has the knowledge, can only give recommendations.

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    Just watched the webcast. The question with regards Jodrell Bank was on a previous application , since this previous application JBO have apparently undertaken some research on the use of simple building materials to provide screening from interference and it is this that they are requiring for the current proposal and hence they had no objections as long as screening was provided. The site is also over 3 km away from Jodrell Bank and the proposed development is screened from JBO by existing properties. The comment about the nearest school being Peover is clearly wrong and it should be within the realms of sense for any monetary benefit to be given to Goostrey Primary school to provide the necessary school places. As the deciding factor with regards access remains with Cheshire East then this should be a condition of any access permission granted. The monetary benefit should be to provide places at Goostrey Primary school. Cheshire West only have to make provision for additional school places, this provision could be by agreement for the provision of places in Cheshire East. This development should also be considered to count towards any allocation for the settlement of Goostrey by Cheshire East.

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      I would not guarantee that the Cheshire West Planning Officer or Committee which passed the application know about the Jodrell Bank requirements you list above. It may be one of the “conditions” for approval but I did not hear these read out.

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    This development should also be considered to count towards any allocation for the settlement of Goostrey by Cheshire East.” Is that something we’d like or a definite agreement with CEC? Fingers crossed it’s the latter, as that means – by my maths – we’ve only got to build two more houses in the next 30 years! (Target 50 – 10 already built – 38 New Platt Lane).

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      This may be difficult to achieve as the houses would be in Cheshire West and I am sure they will take them into their housing stock.

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        There is precedent. Cheshire East have recently agreed to take 500 houses from High Peak’s allocation. Therefore its within their power to agree any remaining allocation for Goostrey can be given to Cheshire West and no further Site Allocations required in Goostrey, particularly as Local Plan states Holmes Chapel to meet Goostrey’s development needs

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    Horrific viewing… as shocking as many episodes of the BBC’s Britain’s Planners when they look at CW. Fiona nods to developers in most instances as far as I can tell. Horrifically ill informed members… Goostrey is the local Primary, and Holmes Chapel the local Secondary. Why did Cllr Kolker not speak? I understand committee protocol but if I’d have been in Godfrey’s seat from the PC I am not sure I could have resisted shouting “Holmes Chapel School!”

    Un-informed members working to ruin Cheshire village communities in fear of Whitehall housing targets and developer appeals pressure.

    Lets hope CE stick to their guns and the views already expressed by Cllr Jones, CE Leader, that the site is not suitable for such a size of development due to insufficient safe site access.

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