KHD Catering was set up by Krissy Hatsadee in 2020, to deliver an outstanding culinary experience to lovers of authentic Thai cuisine across Cheshire. They offer a fantastic delivery service. If you want to embrace the cold winter nights, with a delicious warm dish to spice up your week,then enjoy a fabulously different experience.

This week’s mid-week special is one of Thailand’s most popular street food dishes:- Pad Kra Pao (minced pork with holy basil.)

Available on both Wednesday & Thursday nights this week. Priced at just £10 per head with delivery £1 per household! Simply email us or message via the WhatsApp button to place your order.

and dicover what can visit your tastebuds, and how much a meal delivered to you, can be cost-effective.

Sawatdee Ka!

Kritsana Hatsadee

Hatsadee Ltd t/a KHD Catering


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    Wow! I am looking forward to trying out your dishes.
    Dear readers, look at the full menu by following the links on the post.

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