Classic Car. Anyone Have An MG?

Dear readers,

please let us take a quick trip to the garage of the ‘Classic Car Show’.

Pictured are two splendid versions of wheels . The VW for touring, and a lady mobile for grace, both classic vehicles transported our Rose Queen, Cate Claton and her entourage to her crowning at the end of June 2021.

Are there any MG Classic Car enthusiasts in Goostrey?  I see that there is the South Cheshire MG Owners Club. I am looking to write a feature about the MG Owners Club, and loving the thoughts of a British Racing Green, spoked wheeled, open top MGB circa pre-1977 in my garage.

Will there be a Rally and Social¬† lunch club again? I hope so… the days of showing off the classic cars at Gawsworth Hall, rallies throughout the U.K, and long dresses for the ladies with their lips on straws sipping Pimms. Chaps waxing MG bonnets and puffing out chests, with pride in tartan trousers and matching waist-coats.

It is good to enjoy heritage wherever it arrives from. Whatever country or county.

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