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Thank you to all who have contributed to date on the Cheshire East plan objecting to Goostrey being classified as a Local Service Centre and thank you to the Parish Council for setting up the draft plan consultation information events.  These were very well attended.  We have only one week left before the consultation closes, so please do encourage your friends and neighbours to comment if they haven’t already.  Remember everyone in the household is entitled to comment, not just one comment per household.

At the Parish Council meeting on the 13th February the Parish Council voted unanimously to object to Goostrey being classified as a Local Service Centre.  Our Parish Council did raise the issue of Goostrey being classed as a Local Service Centre with Cheshire East in December last year when Cheshire East replied it was based on our population (Planning Conference Notes Dec12).  The supporting documents to the draft plan detail how we only have 2 of the required services to be a Local Service Centre and were classed as an Local Service Centre based on a population of over 3,500 which is significantly in excess of the last census figures (East Cheshire population data evaluation) .

It is evident that this assessment is achieved by grouping us with Twemlow, Swettenham, and Cranage.  Other villages such as Styal have also been discounted as an Local Service Centre due to their proximity to other Service Centres.  We are not aware of this assessment having been applied to any other villages in Cheshire East other than Goostrey, so we have been unfairly assessed.  This is the basis of our objection to being a Local Service Centre.

(CEC background report on heirarchy)

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    Goostrey is not a local service centre because:
    Goostrey is a village not a small town. It has a village atmosphere, open spaces minimal industry and development. The future plan thus should focus on infill new build in line with the retention of the existing environment. That is why we live here!
    You need to re-evaluate the local service centre status and change it to sustainable village. That is what it is! Come and have a look.

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