Congestion At Mount Pleasant Residential Park

Access to Mount Pleasant Residential Park is compromised. Be careful!

Recently an ambulance could not attend to an emergency there last week, due to access, and exit issues and another ambulance could not reach an incident last night on Mount Pleasant Residential Park. The site homes vulnerable and elderly people.

The speed limit through Goostrey village is 30mph, and therefore vehicles exiting the Park cannot drive at a speed to avoid to continue the flow of traffic.

There have been large construction vehicles entering a road only wide enough for a single vehicle  to enter or exit. A blind-spot has been added for both those who enter, and exit Mount Pleasant Residential Park.

Once a park home is erected upon the concrete slab there, not only will the bend be invisible, but the emergency services vehicles will struggle even more. Not only that, essential food deliveries will be hampered to the residents, and Goostrey  main road will cause more road traffic accidents possibly, due to severe breaking to allow flow, the process is thus. More park homes are being added at the spot where the  entrance used to be. The plan is to reduce that to a single lane for traffic and pedestrians to negotiate, forcing all onto the main road.

What are your thoughts?

Yours truly

Sarah McNaught



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    It’s ridiculous and I can’t believe it’s been allowed! I’ve had to reverse to let cars through and it’s difficult to know who has right of way. As the buildings arrive, the ability to see around the corner will be very limited and if two cars are entering the site, I can imagine problems…….I doubt anything will be done until there is an accident or tempers flared, especially for whoever is mad enough to buy the properties on the corners! Crazy!

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    I know some residents have contacted Tingdene to voice their concerns,with little or no response. Surely someone’s head should be rolling at Cheshire East for permitting such a dreadfully planned development. Has anyone spoken to our Cheshire East Councillors?

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    Why couldn’t the ambulances get through? Is it really that tight at the moment?

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      Have a chat to the other residents and glean their input is what I suggest.

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    Have spoken to other residents and am told that it’s not a question of ambulances not being able to get through where the construction work is going on. A rapid response car and an ambulance parked on the road near the entrance end of Long Shoot which did cause congestion. Vehicles couldn’t get through because of this. However, ambulances have to park where the emergency is and often cause congestion. The roads on the park were never made wide enough for large vehicles.

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