CPRE warn of countryside planning fears

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) have published a new research paper today showing that the amount of land that councils must allocate for housing is opening the door to major housing developments in the countryside.

CPRE point out that only 17.6 per cent of councils have had local plans approved by Government,  ‘often due to the onerous criteria in constructing viable plans’.

John Rowley, planning officer at the Campaign to Protect Rural England who coordinated the report, comments:
“These figures show that current policy is encouraging unnecessary house building in the countryside against the wishes of local people. We need to see a more transparent and less punitive system which does not allow unrealistic housing targets to override local concerns.

“The Government should remove the automatic presumption for development where there is no five year land supply. It should also immediately stop demanding an extra 20 per cent housing requirement from councils already struggling to meet targets.

“We support the Government’s desire to simplify planning and meet the urgent need for new homes. Yet councils must be provided with detailed guidance on housing targets, and brownfield land must be prioritised so that unnecessary greenfield development is not so blatantly and regularly allowed through the back door.”

read the whole article…. CPRE article 8th Sept 2014

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