Here at Love Goostrey, we interviewed Colin about the preparation of  cricket grounds for the season ahead. Colin so beautifully and creatively wrote the following:

“There is a time before the magic comes that turns the trees green, and wakes the grass from its slumber. It’s a beautiful time when the Snowdrops emerge, and can’t wait to be one of the first messengers to spread the news  that the light is coming. It’s a time of great excitement for the Grass Elves, as they ready themselves for the task ahead. You may know them as Groundsmen, but they are far more in league with the earth  and Mother Nature to be simply that. They are Grass Elves.

For a few weeks now the local village cricket club  Groundsmen have been getting mowers serviced, and sharpened  then they began work to get the clubs cricket grounds ready for this year’s season.

Last season was an uncertain time. Would we play cricket? When would we start? Well we did start, but not until July, and there were restrictions, as they were present in every part of our lives.

As we wave goodbye to Winter and give thanks for the shelter, warmth, food, water and friendship, that has kept us safe over the dark months, it’s time to now welcome Spring, and all the wonderments of hope and new life, that she brings with her.

The cricket season is due to start in South Cheshire on the 24th April 2021. At the moment, God willing, it looks like it will start on time.

Working on sports grounds and preparing them for cricket, can be frustrating at times, especially in March, as there are many tasks to be completed, but the Northern England weather can want to regularly remind you, that Winter hasn’t quite handed over full control yet to Spring. However, when you are at the cricket grounds and listening to the Woodpeckers drilling in the trees, watching an aerial battle between a slow soaring Buzzard and a few angry Crows, or maybe even a Heron flying in to land at the nearby pool, it’s the best office in the world.

It’s also really quite beautiful to be at one with nature, and to work with her, and to watch how life on, and around the grounds adapts, copes, and thrives as the seasons change. There is the satisfaction too of looking proudly at a well- prepared ground on match days, and knowing that you’ve done your best, and that you are giving the players and spectators the chance to enjoy a sport they love on a decent surface.

So the Grass Elves will have the grounds ready for the start of the season. Cricketers young and old, boys and girls, will be getting excited at the prospect of starting on time this year. A part of their lives that they will soon see is actually getting back to a form of  normal. We invite you to join in with this excitement of a start of a return to cricket.

The weather may not be very kind to us in April,  but at some point during this season it certainly will be kind. Consider a visit to your local cricket club. You don’t really have to understand or even like cricket, to go and enjoy being there. Take a comfy fold up chair, fill the old wicker hamper with tasty goodness. Include a book. Smile at people you’ve never smiled at before, and enjoy them smiling back.

Sit for a while and let the warmth of the sunshine massage your face, and watch the game. Listen to the excitement in the bowler’s voice as he screams ‘Owzat’, and to the claps of appreciation from spectators, as the batsman strokes an elegant boundary. Watch and listen to life getting back to peace. If the square, and outfield are striped up, it looks quite pretty, as the sunshine emerges from behind a cloud, as rays sweep across the ground, so please think of the Grass Elves that have worked so hard, and have enjoyed every minute of doing so.

Know that we will be getting back to doing things that we love. Know that the light is coming.”

By a Grass Elf


Sarah McNaught

Managing Director


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    Where is the nearest cricket club to Goostrey?

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    Thank you Colin, what a beautiful feature. I am there on the boundary with my plaid rug, a Tracy Chavalier novel, olives and Lambrusco, clapping.

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    There is a club at Over Peover 😊

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