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Debra Cummins of local radio station,Danesound, asked LoveGoostrey.com

For listeners to tune into their coverage of events in Goostrey that were either cancelled or affected by COVID. The radio station made it possible to cover our news, not in a ‘Live Sense’ but in keeping us all informed. And upbeat.

Coverage is sceduled for December 28th in the afternoon.
The photo shows a previous Rose Day on a beautiful Summer’s day. Hopefully we can get back to doing this again.


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    The radio programme produced for RoseDay@Home in June 2020 will be replayed on Monday 28th. December from 8pm and on Wednesday 30th December from 1pm. It includes memories of Goostrey Rose Day, the history of the event and a link with the children in Elizabethfontein, South Africa who planned to visit Cheshire again last summer.

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    Thank you Christina for this additional information to support the post.


    Sarah McNaught
    Publishing Director

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