Dangerous parking near Station

Please be aware of the dangers of parking on the main road near the railway station.    (The Red Lion has kindly said that commuters may park for free in the pub car park.)
Following the new daily parking charge cars are being parked along Station Road and in front of the houses near the bend. This could well end up causing an accident; vehicles now have to approach the blind bend along the wrong side of the road past a row of parked cars – unable to see what is coming over the rail bridge.  Also, a vehicle driving over the bridge will not be expecting a car/bus/lorry or tractor to be heading straight for them on the wrong side of the road.

Parked cars
Parking on main road outside Goostrey Railway station

If you have trouble paying or getting a ticket from the machine: “For more information, enquiries or complaints about this car park please call Northern Customer Experience Centre on 0800 200 6060 or write to Freepost Northern Railway.”

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    Traffic travelling towards the railway station must negotiate a line of parked cars, approaching a bend where oncoming traffic appears quickly, expecting their right of way. This dangerous parking has also occurred for months on the east bound side of Main Road, outside the retirement bungalows near the Booth Bed Lane junction.
    I have witnessed a number of altercations, not all drivers are patient and courteous.

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      I endorse David’s comments about the parking outside the Dane Housing on Main Road. At times there can be up to 7 or 8 vehicles parked bumper to bumper which means that when you drive towards the East you have to go on the wrong side and hope that nothing is coming in the dip in the opposite direction and or that any oncoming driver slows down to let you complete the manoeuvre before getting on the correct side of the road again. I am aware of one accident and have had to reverse myself to let an oncoming vehicle complete its manoeuvre when it had perhaps not realised there was no pulling in spaces available. There will be more accidents if a solution is not found and there are solutions if only the interested parties were prepared to act.

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    If parked cars are a causing a hazard then call 101. Advice on Cheshire Police’s website as follows.:
    ” A vehicle causing an obstruction is one which has been parked and left unattended in such a way that it is considered to be a hazard to pedestrians or other road users. For example, a car parked on a bend in the road. This also includes blocking free passage to pedestrians and blocking access to private or public property.
    If you need to contact the police because a vehicle is causing a safety hazard or an obstruction on a public road, please contact Cheshire Police on the non-emergency number, 101.”

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    “I see both sides: £3 a day is – IMHO – an awful lot to pay if you are a daily commuter (£60 a month) on top of rail fare. Especially considering that Blue Badge holders have to pay too, which I don’t agree with, where even a walk from The Red Lion Inn is too far.
    But then the Station car park came full to bursting due to Holmes Chapel and Congleton rail passengers in particular driving here to avoid the charges at their respective stations.
    But then perhaps the parking charges were going to come here at some point soon anyway, so we shouldn’t blame them.
    As of this evening, drivers who do not wish to pay to park are now – it seems – now parking further back towards the entrance to Goostrey Livery’s entrance, which is on a much straighter part of Station Road, so an improvement. Plus, completely legal.
    But then still an eye sore.
    But then no-one seems to want double-yellow lines throughout the village.
    But the parked cars are a natural chevron to speeding.
    I don’t drive anymore – through choice – and consider the 15 minute walk to and from the Station part of my (very limited) exercise regime. Occasionally I get to chat with other residents I wouldn’t normally even know, which is nice. It’s also better for the environment, and helps me really appreciate where we are lucky enough to live.
    Seems to me, given the above waffle, that the decision to drive-and-park and get home a few minutes earlier, rather than walk, is pretty much down to individuals’ consciences.
    That’s my tuppence anyway, for what it’s worth.

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