New development east of Hermitage Lane

Possible  new development afoot in Goostrey.

We hear that the owners of the land to the east of Hermitage Lane have asked Architects to prepare a planning application for the construction of a residential development.

There is to be a presentation of the ‘preliminary proposals’ by the architects from 4.00 – 7.00 on Weds 11th Dec at the Pavilion, Booth Bed Lane prior to the submission of a planning application.  Any comments received will be considered and , ‘where possible, integrated into the proposals’.

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    Are you referring to the turf fields or to the smaller field that is situated between the turf fields and the houses in Hermitage Lane?

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      The notification doesn’t say, presumably plans will be available to view on the 11th at the Pavilion.

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      It is the field that extends from behind Netherlea and to the rear of properties on Hermitage Lane. Allowing this development would obviously provide the access required to the “turf” fields and potential further development in the future.

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