Development on ex-chicken farm to go ahead

The appeal by Bloor Homes has been allowed by the Planning Inspectorate and planning permission has now been granted for the access road off New Platt Lane to the ex-chicken farm.  Cheshire West & Chester had already approved an application for 38 houses to be built on the site.   Appeal decision

Previously CEC planning officers had recommended approval but the application was refused by the planning committee.

“The reason for refusal was that the construction of the access road would be impossible because of the applicants’ lack of ownership of land sufficiently wide to accommodate it and because the chicane planned at the two authorities’ boundary would result in unacceptable risks to highway users.

7. Those issues were, in practice however, resolved at a site meeting between the applicants and officers of both Councils after which the Cheshire East’s Highway Officer that ‘….all outstanding technical issues with the proposed access road have now been resoved….’ and that the proposal was in accordance with relevant development plan policies.  

8. The applicant’s assessment of the process is that local opponents to the development, despite Cheshire West  granting permission for the substantive part, persuaded Cheshire East members to intervene to prevent its implementation. Cheshire East members did so, firstly, by reneging on the agreement that Cheshire West would take responsibility for the whole development and, secondly, by devising spurious reasons for refusing permission for the access road despite evidence that these were untenable. A full award of costs against the Council is thereby justified.”              Costs decision 9th January 2015



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