Draft Local Plan released

Good news.

The draft Local Plan was released yesterday and states that, although Goostrey will remain a Local Service Centre, housing provision will be provided mainly by Holmes Chapel.

“…. in order to reduce unsustainable sporadic development, new housing will be strictly controlled.  In the case of Goostrey which adjoins Holmes Chapel, a larger Local Service Centre, it is anticipated that development needs will largely be provided for in Holmes Chapel.”

The Local Plan is on the Agenda for the Strategic Planning Board for 26th February, next Wednesday and if passed could be good news for Goostrey.

No changes are proposed to Goostrey’s existing Settlement Boundary and existing protection measures will remain for Jodrell Bank Observatory.  Cheshire East Leader Councillor Michael Jones re-confirmed to LoveGoostrey yesterday that as Cheshire East now has a 5 year housing supply we can also use this to defend against all speculative developers,  “…. (CEC) is committed to protecting all our villages and the open countryside.”

The draft Local Plan states there are no major sites allocated as ‘Safe guarded’ for housing in Goostrey for the next Local Plan after 2030 either.

Goostrey Parish Council were premature in assigning a Site Allocation but it doesn’t mean that planning permission would automatically be given. However it does not mean that the village can’t get together and express their view. There is no need to be panicked into a rash decision.

LoveGoostrey believe we should all stick together, whether residents are from the West, Middle or East, and defend our village and Jodrell Bank from these predatory developers.  We can then come up with a sensible plan ourselves for the 30-50 additional houses which could be as the village as a whole requested in the response to the last Local Plan consultation; a number of small discrete developments around the village, phased so as not to overload our roads, schools and other services over the lifetime of this current plan.

Safe in the knowledge that this is not going to unlock large areas of Goostrey for development either during this plan up to 2030 or the next.

The Strategic Planning Board meeting takes place at Macclesfield Town Hall on Wednesday, February 26 at 10.30am. The Local Plan will then go before the full council on Friday, February 28 at Crewe Alexandra Football Club.  It will require ratification from both committees prior to a final period for representations and submissions to the Planning Inspectorate.

Perhaps not a Cheshire Cat grin yet but Goostrey residents can afford something of a smile this morning.

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    Thank you for all your hard work, LoveGoostrey.

    I almost wept with joy and relief when I read this!

  2. Reply

    You are welcome, we all want what is best for our village. But it’s not over yet.

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    There is still the matter of GPC’s Site Allocation submission for a large single site of 50 houses.. Can this be retracted?

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    Excellent work all Goostrey residents who have stood up to defend our village. We all have a very valid reason for being Goostrey NIMBYs! It is my strong contention that Goostrey needs no further development other than the natural slow organic circa 5% of total village housing stock per year as we have seen for the past 5 years for a good while into the future as HC is likely now set to get a further 100 making 350, and the Knutsford development is now circa 550! There is simply no need for this level of housing increase up and down the land, it is a short sighted and to be short-lived Tory economic muse.

    In their present states and quantities and without an assurance that no more development once any one of these is passed, and an absolute total max of 50 houses in Goostrey as per Council comments…

    NO to The Grange
    NO to Harrison Drive
    NO to Nether Lea
    NO to Mount Pleasant

    Goostrey in my view needs 15 – 20 houses max, and possibly the most sensible site for these should be an area of true ‘Brownfield’ first if there are any, with strict boundaries.

    I suspect it’s all far from over yet…

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    Despite the positive messages from Cheshire East, NOTHING has been decided re the current planning applications. Until the robustness of Cheshire East’s latest submission has been tested we are still highly vulnerable.

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