Eric Pickles replaced

Eric Pickles has been replaced by Greg Clark at the Department for Communities and Local Government.  [Mr Pickles becomes ‘anti-corruption tsar’.]

Greg Clark is MP for Tunbridge Wells, as Planning Minister he introduced the slimmed down version of the NPPF in March 2012:

“Our reforms to the planning system take on each of these challenges:

  • they enshrine the local plan – produced by local people – as the keystone of the planning system;
  • they make planning much simpler and more accessible, reducing over a thousand pages of often impenetrable jargon into around 50 pages of clearly written guidance;
  • they establish a presumption in favour of sustainable development that means that development is not held up unless to approve it would be against our collective interest;
  • the Framework guarantees robust protections for our natural and historic environment, and goes further by requiring net improvements to put right some of the neglect that has been visited on us;
  • it raises the bar on design standards so that we have the most exacting requirement for design that the English planning system has ever contained.”  Greg Clark’s statement re NPPF March 2012

“It protects what we hold dear in our matchless countryside and in the fabric of our history.  It does so by taking power away from remote bodies and putting it firmly into the hands of the people of England.”

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