Fiona Bruce speaks out

Local MP expresses frustration about Cheshire East Local Plan progress and SHLAA position.

Fiona Bruce spoke at a Planning and Housing Supply debate in Westminster Hall this week,

“Our local authority has been working for three years on a local plan.  What has gone wrong?  Why does the draft plan that was prepared last year, which was the subject of a six-week public consultation, now have to be radically altered and be the subject of a further public consultation, while all the time, developers rub their hands with glee and take advantage of that void?  Will the Minister provide whatever assistance is required for Cheshire East council from a senior planning adviser to ensure that there are no further delays or confusion regarding what is required to get our local plan through? My constituents have had enough.

I also ask the Minister to ensure that we have clarity on our five-year housing supply numbers, and that a clear message is sent to the people of my constituency, as I have sought to provide for three years, giving them every and any necessary and available means of help to resolve those issues.  My constituents simply cannot understand the situation.  They feel angry, in despair, ignored, impotent as regards the plans for development of their own communities, and without any democratic recourse, as one has said to me, except the ballot box.”

read the whole piece here.

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