Formal suspension of Local Plan examination.

17th December 2014 Message from Cheshire East:

Following the Council’s consideration of the Inspector’s Initial Views on the legal compliance and soundness of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy, the Council has formally requested the Inspector to suspend the examination.  The Council has also prepared details of the proposed additional work to be undertaken, along with an outline timetable.  Consequently, the Inspector has now agreed to formally suspend the examination.  Documents and correspondence relating to this matter have been added to the examination library and are now available on this examination web site. The Council has also agreed to publish regular updates of progress on the work to be undertaken, which will also be included on the examination web site.

Representors and interested parties should use the Council’s website to maintain an up to date awareness of the progress of the Examination and documents that may be added during this suspension.  During the suspension of the examination, the Inspector confirms that no further representations or comments should be made by representors or other parties unless requested to do so by the Inspector or the Council.  If anyone wishes for further information about the nature and content of the additional work to be undertaken by the Council during the suspension period, they should contact the Council direct.     17th December 2014 Kerry Trueman, Programme Officer.


Tel: 07582 310 364


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