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Just thought you might like to read the latest, and last, post from Freya’s family (Remembering Nell) taken from HCCS website:
Freya Update Day 213; The Last Post!
December 22, 2017
There have been no visits to the hospital over the past week and, with nothing planned before the 05 January, it’s nice to have a break. Other than a really bad cold, Freya has been fine and positive. Last weekend she went into Manchester on the train with friends to go the Xmas markets and shops; this was the first time she’d been a trip without us since 22 May, and actually the first time ever she’d been out in the city without adults being around. Inevitably we were very anxious, but as usual Freya took it all in her stride and had a wonderful time. Other than going to the MEN Arena or Victoria Station again, which I think she can get through the rest of her life without if she so chooses, we think that’s all of the experience hurdles overcome. All in all, a quite incredible achievement on her part. As we have said on so many occasions, her attitude and they way that she has approached her recovery is just unbelievable and we are so proud of our little girl.
Christmas is a time of reflection, and our thoughts turn to the family of friend Nell and the families of others who were killed in the MEN Arena attack. We can not begin to comprehend how they cope with their loss and it really brings it so firmly home to us just how lucky we are to still have Freya. When we have difficult weeks, it’s easy to lose sight of this, but we are acutely aware that fate could have dealt us an entirely different hand.  D5141E88-8A63-4DD8-A46B-E268116F4D80
This post represents the end of our blog. As we said a couple of weeks ago, whilst it has been a really beneficial form of therapy for us, we know that the time is right is to call it a day. The reception that we have had to the blog has been both overwhelming and touching. Whilst is was originally intended simply to provide a means of updating people that we knew of Freya’s progress, it has become so much more than that and has thousands of readers from all over the world. We would like to thank everyone out there who has followed our journey, through good and bad; knowing that there has been people reading it and seeing the comments via Facebook has played a big part in getting us through this horrendous experience.
It is impossible for us to thank everyone that we would like to individually for all of their support, which has come in a wide variety of forms, and often from people from whom we would not expect, Hopefully we have generally expressed our gratitude to those that we know personally. However, we think it appropriate to offer our thanks to the following;
Greater Manchester Police & Emergency Services; the circumstances which they had to deal with on the night of 22 May were beyond the bounds of anything that could be planned for, and the individuals involved were simply amazing.
Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital; Freya could not have been in a better place. We owe Freya’s life to the doctors, nurses and support staff and we are forever in their debt. The other children and their parents who we met during our time there and who touched our lives are some of the most incredible people we have ever met and they make us feel very humble.
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School; the staff, children and parents have been fantastic and a major factor in getting us to where we are today
The community of Holmes Chapel; we always knew that we lived somewhere special, but the support we have received has proven just how special it is.
The Manchester Arena Attack represented the very darkest side of humanity, but over the past seven months it has given us the opportunity to witness the very best it has to offer. The world is full of some very special people, and they have been there when we most needed them.
It’s probably stating the obvious to say that the past seven months have been truly awful and the worst period our family has ever been through. We have come a long way since 22 May, largely due to Freya’s strength, resilience and unwavering positivity. We will never ‘get over’ what happened, but we are gradually learning to accept it. There are more challenges to face in the future, in terms of how well her recovery progresses and further surgery that will be required. We do not doubt that there will be difficult times ahead, but our experiences this year should mean that we are well equipped to deal with whatever gets thrown at us. Whilst this blog is ending at the end of 2017, our journey will continue for the rest of our lives.
Our aim has always been to provide a positive message from our story, so we are pleased to be able to finish the blog with the story of the wonderful events from today. Soon after Freya was admitted to hospital, we decided that we wanted to raise funds for the Paediatric Critical Care Unit at Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. We started a Just Giving campaign and were astounded by peoples generosity over the six months that it ran, with the final total exceeding £24,000. Today, a cheque was presented to the charity as part of the Xmas assembly at HCCS. Two of the nurses who cared for Freya during her time in Intensive Care and High Dependancy, with whom we had formed a special bond, came to the assembly to represent the hospital, which was incredible. They had not seen Freya for around five months and it was very emotional for all of us when we were reunited. We also had a chance to spend a couple of hours with them following the assembly, and it was one of the most special times that we have had in our lives. To Beth Thacker and Jenny Grant; thank you, we love you and we will never forget you.
It only remains for us to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has helped and supported us over the past seven months, and to wish everyone a Happy Xmas and a peaceful 2018.
The Lewis Family x

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