Friends of Goostrey Station Shortlisted for Two Awards

Friends of Goostrey Station recently have heard that their group of volunteers has been shortlisted for two Community Rail Awards.

Earlier in the year, entries were submitted to a national competition. Each of these consisted of a 200 word summary, 600 words of detailed explanation and 6 photos. The full shortlist for each category will be featured in a special edition of Community Rail News and publicised through the press and social media.  Winners will be announced during an online event on Wednesday 9th December.

In Category 4, for Most Enhanced Buildings and Surroundings, the FOGS entry concentrated on the successful restoration of the Victorian wooden station building.  This challenge was completed in 2019 but required seven years of patient negotiation, in person and via email.  During that time, FOGS members worked with our local community to improve the area around the station through gardening, artwork and railway memorabilia. They also liaised with various authorities to restore the water supply, to improve safety on the road bridge and to level the car park surface.

The second shortlisting is for Category 12 : It’s Your Station. Entries were placed into one of four groups and FOGS has been put in the Gold Band.  The judging covered 3 areas – Gardening Achievement, Community Participation and Environmental Responsibility.  The FOGS submission included descriptions of how recent improvements had made the station more welcoming, informative and biodiverse. It was good to have photos of cubs helping to construct bug hotels and passenger comments about the art displays by pupils from Goostrey Community Primary School, including ’well done to all the children for helping to keep our station bright and cheerful’.  MP Fiona Bruce’s statement that FOGS is a ‘model of constructive joint working on the part of local residents of which this community is rightly proud’ was also quoted.

While we wait for the Award Ceremony, work continues to maintain the environment of Goostrey Station and to install a cycle rack, CCTV and toilets.

FOGS always welcomes new members. For more information, go to the website. Or, contact Dave Roberts (chair) on or 544779; or Craig Sidebotham (vice chair) on or 07526 704218.


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    My family & I lived in Goostrey from 1975 to 1984: Prior – in my London based schoolboy days – I was an avid “train spotter” & as such had an affinity for the ‘rather quaint village station” (when we moved to Cheshire from Berkshire) together, then, with the rusting sidings with, if memory serves me right, 2 or 3 likewise rusting & rotting cattle trucks that surely had last moved many years prior….tho’ my work involved regular train journeys to London this was invariably from Wilmslow or Crewe tho’ my Wife & young Sons did use Goostrey Station on a handful of occasions I recall! I still have good friends from our time in the village from those happy days – and indeed they were – & coupled with a still flickering interest in “trains” I am pleased to receive your periodic cyber updates. Your results – after obviously much work & dedication – are truly impressive & I hope that will be mirrored in an award in the forthcoming event which you describe. I’m so pleased that the future of the ‘rather quaint village station’ looks assured & will, I’m sure, improve even more with the participants continuing enthusiastic endeavours: Well done y’all!

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    Wonderful to see !

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    What a fantastic initiative.
    Hogwarts .Move Over

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    It will be very special to see the young people of Goostrey becoming essential independent leaders, within the railway, farming and, indeed local community leaders.

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